Are Timberland Hiking Boots Good?

Timberland Hiking Boots

If you don’t own a pair yourself, you may know someone who wear a pair of Timberland boots. They come in many verities and have a long history of being a good boot. Over the past decade, they’ve only grown in popularity, and have surpassed their original purpose.

Today you can find many good Timberland hiking boots. They tend to be comfortable and fairly well made. Depending on your needs they probably have a hiking boot that will interest you. Customers mostly have good things to say about them. 

Many people wonder – are they just stylish, or are they practical as well? Are Timberlands good for hiking or walking, or is it best to look elsewhere? What is the Story of the Timberland Brand?

Timberland’s History

Timberland Hiking Boots history

It’s easy to think that Timberlands were always a popular choice, but this isn’t true. It’s taken the brand a long time to solidify its label within the fashion industry. 

It all started with Nathan Swartz, who, back in 1952, purchased half the shares of the Abington Shoe Company. 

In 1973, Abington was changed to Timberland, and over the following decades, new styles and product lines were released, each with growing notoriety. The brand was growing fast, and not only on home soil but in various territories worldwide.

They gained popularity in Europe as well, slowly spreading their way across it, and by the mid 1908s, they had sold over a million pairs of shoes. The company’s growth didn’t falter here though, and in the 90s they branched out from shoes and released a range of other clothing and fashion accessories, such as bags and watches.

And when well-known RnB artists and rappers started wearing Timberland boots, the popularity grew further. Although Timberland wasn’t exactly sure about the direction they were going in, they went with it and relished the following success.

In 2011, Timberland as a company was bought for just under $2 billion, by VF Corporation – something Nathan Swartz wouldn’t have even dreamed of!

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Are Timberlands Good for Hiking or Not? 

Timberlands For Hiking

There’s no doubt that the ‘Timberland look’ has become an iconic style boot. Yet, when it comes to hiking you need to be careful when choosing. 

They make hiking shoes and work boots that look very similar in many ways. Their work boots may weight a pound more than their hiking boots. Many people wouldn’t recommend doing anything more than a casual walk in a Timberland work boot even if it is good for hiking. 

Work boots may look very similar to a hiking boot and be just as comfortable, but on a long hike it can tire you out quickly. This is mainly due to their weight and clunkiness.

In comparison, a Timberland hiking boots is designed solely for hiking use, will weigh much less. For example the Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail ( Link)  weight about 1 pound 3 oz and the Timberland Boondock work boot ( Link) weight about 2.23 pounds.    

With certain hiking boots, there might not be much of a difference in weight. Timberland’s robustness and build quality are usually very good and may add a bit more weight than a cheaper quality band, but it will be worth it in the long run. 

So consider looking for a lighter weight boot when taking longer hikes and multiday trips and a heavier boot for work and some hiking once in a while. When it comes to their actual durability, most people don’t seem to have encountered any problems.

Despite Timberland’s focus on work shoes they have plenty of good quality hiking shoes to choose from. They’re usually made well with sturdy materials and last a while.

In short, if you decide to go hiking with Timberland shoes, most people are very satisfied with their boots. Just remember, the heavier they are the more challenging your hike will be after a while.

Does Timberland Make Good Hiking Boots? 


Although Timberland work boots aren’t exactly unsuited for hiking you’ll want to get shoes that are made for trail hiking. There are plenty of brands and shoe styles to choose from. Timberland has some great hiking shoes, but they aren’t the best. I would say they rank in the top 10 and are on par with Columbia. 

Other top hiking boot brand to look into are Danner, Salomon, Keen, Merrel, and Vasque.  

You will find a lot of Timberland boots that are ankle boots. This helps with stability and lessens your chance of injury over time. Most people like that they are comfortable and feel good when hiking. 

If you’re doing something casual, like a light trail or day hike, you might find a Timberlandwork boot might work but getting a hiking boot that fits well is best.

They have a range of boots that are lighter to heavier, waterproof or not, insulated or not, so you should be able to find a boot that matches your needs. 

Timberlands are usually well made but some customer’s have found quality control issues once in a while with the stitching or the glue on the soles of some shoe. If shoes are stored for longer periods this may be part of the reason glues start to lose hold. If you notice the stitching is loose after using them, this is usually the manufacturer fault and you should return the shoes for a refund. 

As far as comfortable shoes go, Timberlands can compete with the best, but in comparison to other top brands they find their durability lacking at times. 

If you have wide feet you may want to try them on first because not all timberlands will fit your feet well. A decent pair of hiking boots doesn’t come cheep, but they will keep you stratified for much longer. So do your research about the quality of the specific hiking boot you want for best results. 

When Should You Wear Timberland Hiking Boots?


If you already have your pair lying around, you may have found they are nice to hike in. Getting a new pair of Timberland hiking boots should be an easy choice because you know that you can hike comfortably for longer periods and still be OK.

But which new pair of shoes would be worth buying? I would look at the top-ranking shoes first to see if they are the ones that meet your needs. Here are the three top-ranking Timberland hiking boots that customers like. 

Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Mid Waterproof Boot

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02/18/2024 08:47 pm GMT

Timberland Men’s 6 Inch Premium Waterproof Boot

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02/18/2024 10:18 pm GMT

Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof

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02/18/2024 10:32 pm GMT

If you are going hiking for a week long backpacking trip, these shoes might be the one’s to choose. They have good reviews and don’t have to many issue for most people.

If you hike all the time and need a shoe that can withstand a lot of use, try something like the Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX  ( Link) that customers love  for their comfort, stability, and waterproofing. 

It all comes down to personal preference. Some people find their Timberlands quite uncomfortable and only wear them for the sake of style and light hiking. Some find them a great work boot and wonder if their hiking boots are just as nice to wear.

If you’re on the fence about whether to buy Timberland or not, consider how much hiking you will do, how much money you are willing to spend, and what features are most important for you. Then you can go to your local shoe store to try on a couple Timberlands and see how you like them. 

Once you figure out if you like when trying them on, then you can choose the shoes that are within your price range.  

How Much Do Timberland Hiking Boots Cost? 

It surprises a lot of people when they find out that you don’t have to break the bank to pick yourself up a pair of Timberland boots. Of course, it all depends on the style, color, and even the size, but not all the pairs they offer are expensive.

Online I have found that many Timberland hiking boots are between $80 – $150. This is about average for a fairly good quality shoe. Especially when considering that higher-quality hiking shoes aren’t cheap – with many pairs costing well over $150. If you manage to find a pair of Timberlands on sale or some kind of discount or deal, you might end up saving yourself a decent amount of money.

Don’t forget to check out the Timberland website for all their hiking boots to see all the various varieties. Here are a few of the more modern-looking hiking boots they have. 

Garrison Trail Waterproof Mid Hikers

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Garrison Trail Waterproof Low Hikers

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Final Thoughts Are Timberlands good for hiking? 

Timberland is a trusted brand that has comfortable hiking shoes. The quality is pretty good and people like the variety of features that suit their specific needs. 

Having said that, for anyone doing any serious hikes or traversing, don’t use a Timberland work boot. Get hiking boots instead. It’s a worthwhile investment to get shoe actually meant for hiking if you go often. They’ll be much more suitable and comfortable. But for those casual day walks, any Timberland should help you get to where you’re going. 

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