Running Shoe Outfits [8 Types]

Running Shoe Outfits

The type of clothing you wear while running can vary from day to day and season to season. I like to wear shorts and a quick-dry shirt when I run but often wear an additional long-sleeve layer over my shirt when it gets cold. Looking nice and having functional clothing can make running an enjoyable experience.

Whether we are dressing for fashion or function, we can choose a variety of great outfits that will work well when running or just going out for lunch. Running shoes can match many types of clothing, from work to school, going out on the town, or running.

We’ll review many examples of outfits and how you can put your own outfit together to create a unique look when running or getting out of the house.

Choosing the Right Running Shoes

There are lots of running shoes to choose from, so which should you wear?

For those looking to use their running shoe as a part of their regular everyday outfit, I suggest getting shoes that you can walk in comfortably for long periods. You could be shopping for several hours, walking along the beach, or standing in line; so you want shoes that feel good as you are walking and standing.

My favorite running shoes for walking and standing are soft cushiony running shoes. Your shoes should have a somewhat squishy, cushioning feel. In my opinion, these are the best types of running shoes to wear because I feel comfortable wearing them for long periods.

Make sure they fit well the first time you put them on and are comfortable. Depending on the socks you normally wear vs. running socks, the fit of the sock may be slightly different. Take that into account as well before buying any new running shoes.

Choosing Socks For Your Running Shoe Outfit

If you’re a runner and run more than 30 minutes at a time, you’ve likely purchased several pairs of running socks. These socks tend to be thinner, and shorter, breathe well, and are often very elastic so they cling well to your foot.

While running socks are perfect for running, you might find other socks better suited for the overall look and feel you are trying to achieve. There are plenty of athletic and everyday socks that can work well with your running shoes.

I think if you’re going for the athletic look it’s best to stick with ankle or no-show socks and go for almost any other type of sock for the other styles you are interested in.

Shorts/Pants For Your Running Shoe Outfit

A good pair of polyester shorts will work well for running. Find a pair with a draw stripe waist and pockets. Pockets are helpful for me when I need to carry items from my car to my house or the gym.

If you plan to wear them at night as I do, get ones with reflective stripes on them. When it gets below 50 degrees I wear a pair of polyester pants for hiking and running in those, or men’s tights with shorts.

If you’re looking for a certain style, you’re sure to find something helpful at an online store or your local sports goods store. I found the shorts that I regularly run in at Costco.

Shirts For Your Running Shoe Outfit

A polyester or polyester mix is likely a good choice for you when going running. Since polyester is cheap, does a good job keeping you cool, and can absorb moisture well you can find lots of great shirts to fit your budget and style.

The main thing to consider is the type of weather you will be running in. This will help you decide what type of shirt to get.

If you’re using your shirt as a fashion statement, you can get something that will match your style best.

Outfits For Running

Here are 4 outfits that can be stylish and functional. The great thing about getting an outfit for running is you will find a lot of variety. You can choose the outfit that works best in terms of fashion and function.

When looking at the options, it may take a while to find the perfect matching items that will work for you, but you should be able to find several items that you can add to your collection to vary your workout clothing from day to day.

running outfit 1

The type of running shoes you choose can vary widely depending on your individual needs and wants. Yet, most runners like short socks as a part of their collection of running clothes that they wear.

Ankle socks can work very well at staying up while running and can fit snugly around your foot giving it the support it needs to stay in place and breathe well.

Tights are a favorite of most women and some men when doing a workout. Many also run in them. Tight provides warmth, and support, and may provide comfort while running. They can usually breathe well many people like their look.

Sports Bras are great for wireless support that provides a lightweight cooling running experience. There are many types to choose from to get the look you want.

Below is just one option for an outfit that is similar to the outfit above.

running outfit 2

Some people opt for a running shoe that has a lot of cushion of a little bit of cushion. In the picture you see above the runner is landing on their forefoot, which can be a good way to prevent knee pain that comes when running strike the ground with the heel of their foot. Minimalist shoes tend to help people forefoot strike.

No-show socks work well keeping your look clean and keeping your feet comfortable while running. It’s important to get the right kind so you can make sure they will stay up instead of sliding down into the shoe as you run.

Unitards are a type of clothing that can double as a dance, workout, and sometimes when you want to go for a run. They are good at providing cool support and many people like the feel and look they provide.

Sweatbands are nice to have when the weather starts to get hot or if you tend to sweat while running. There are so many varieties and styles to choose from.

Below is just one option for an outfit that is similar to the outfit above.

Running Outfit 3

Most name-brand running shoes will be good quality shoes that you can rely on for good build quality and fairly good performance. Depending on the type of running shoe you are looking for, you should be able to find one that fits within your budget and is still a name brand.

Crew socks work great at keeping your socks in place and can add some style to your outfit. A well-organized wardrobe can help you place matching clothing together to get the best look for your next running or sports activity.

Basketball shorts are nice to use on the court and work well with almost any sports activity, including running. Choose ones that are lightweight and breathe fairly well if running any sort of long distance in warmer weather. These shorts are good at providing warmth when it’s cool and most feel very comfortable.

Long-sleeve shirts are nice for cooler weather and when running out in the sun for long periods to help prevent sunburn. Most of these long-sleeve athletic shirts are made of quick-dry materials and do a good job absorbing sweat.

Below is just one option for an outfit that is similar to the outfit above.

running outfit 4

When purchasing your running shoes, the type of shoe you get may all be up to your personal style preferences. There are many great running shoes to choose from, so making a choice may be difficult. For example, maybe you like slip-on running shoes. First, think about your needs, and then choose the shoe that best meets them.

Ankle socks go just over the ankles and can work well at keeping your socks in place. I like to choose ones that have plenty of elastic grip and ones that are snug. These tend to last the life of the sock without sliding down.

Polyester shorts are probably your best bet for lightweight, comfortable running shorts. They barely feel like you’re wearing much and can come in various styles and lengths. I would choose one that has some reflective tape or design on it if you run at night.

Sleeveless shirts are nice for warmer weather. These can let in breezes of air easier and your upper body can perspire and stay cool without sleeves. Most of these athletic shirts are made of polyester, are quick-drying, and should help you beat the heat.

Below is just one option for an outfit that is similar to the outfit above.

Outfits For Fashion

Here are 4 outfits that can be stylish and comfortable. These outfits that you get for fashion can often double for when it’s time to go running. Whatever outfit you choose to create your own unique fashion statement can also play a role in the sporting activities you engage in.

So what is the best match when choosing a style around your running shoes? There’s not really any limit, although people might think certain types of clothing don’t go together. If you’re careful, you can both appeal to your own fashion sense without making people stare at you in the wrong way.

Fashion outfit 1

Some running shoes can be used both for working out and running. There are a variety of athletic shoes that can be used as dual-purpose shoes. While I would encourage runners to get shoes made for running if you need a shoe that is mainly for the gym, a cross-trainer shoe could work.

Ankle socks can be any type of material that you like when you are going out for a casual day out yet, if you can get some great dual-purpose socks by buying running socks and wearing them with your casual clothes or making sure to avoid mostly cotton socks.

Jeans can match great with both white and black shoes. Whatever running shoes you get, you can probably match them with your casual clothing, although the more colorful the shoes are, the harder they may be to match.

Shirts that are black or white can match most of the clothing you wear and make a great addition to your fashion attire. They provide a blank canvas to which you can add other clothing, and create your unique style.

Below is just one option for an outfit that is similar to the outfit above.

Fashion Outfit 2

If you like to go hiking, getting some trail running shoes is a great way to both have day hike shoes and go for a run on the trail once in a while. There are many varieties of trail runners, ranging from extremely knobby soles to more smooth sole bottoms. If you hike steep hills, then knobby shoes are best.

No-show socks may not be the best idea when hiking or trail running, but if you are going sockless for a short hike that could work. For longer hikes, I would definitely get hiking socks to help prevent blisters and help with moisture.

Tights can work well when hiking and running. They can help with chaffing, sun protection, and keeping you a bit warmer or cooler depending on the type of tights you get.

Athletic shirts are nice to wear during a hike. They can add style to any outfit by choosing the best color and style for the clothing that you are wearing. A good athletic shirt will keep you cool, absorb moisture, and protect you from the sun.

Below is just one option for an outfit similar to the above outfit.

Fashion Outfit 3

If you are going out for the day, you probably want some comfortable shoes that will feel good all day. I like shoes that have soft cushioning when going walking for a while; if you are doubling your running shoes as a part of your going-out clothes, getting ones with nice thick cushioning can help.

A style that lots of guys follow is not wearing socks with their shoes. This can feel comfortable, but eventually, your shoes are likely to smell if you do it often. Getting some no-show socks can help prevent moisture, bacteria, and skin cells from accumulating in your shoes and making them smell.

Jeans work well for many outfits and types of fashion statements you are creating. Wearing jeans with your running shoes works great for almost any style of shoe you have.

Earphones can be just as much about style as they are about listening to music. When going out by yourself or friends, you might want something that matches your outfit. Although, if you are running you definitely want some earbuds that are designed for running, so they won’t fall out of your ears.

Below is just one option for an outfit that is similar to the outfit above.

Fashion outfit 4

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at the store, you might be surprised that you can find some unique shoes at the thrift store. Places like eBay and other online stores can help you find the exact style of shoe you need for your outfit.

No-show socks come in a variety of levels of quality. If you are looking for comfort and don’t plan to run, cotton socks will do fine, while if you run a lot you’ll want socks made mostly with nylon so they will last a long time.

Faded jeans can make your style unique. There are many types of faded jeans to choose from. They vary in color and various levels of fading. Some come pre-torn or you can just wear them a lot.

Stiped shirts are nice to wear under your jacket. Horizontal stripes can make the wearer look slimmer, while vertical stripes tend to make them look taller.

Below is just one option for an outfit that is similar to the outfit above.


my running outfit

When I go running I choose an outfit like this most of the time. As long as I am comfortable that’s what matters most to me.

There are so many choices to make when deciding what clothing you’re going to choose. I usually try to find the best deal for the highest quality gear.

The clothing that I am wearing above was all purchased at prices, maybe half of what you see from the prices below. I always keep my eyes open when going to different stores and check to see if they have anything that I need on sale and that is fairly good quality.

Below are items that are the same or similar clothing to the ones I wear.

The cap and earbuds I purchased on, although they are no longer available for purchase, although there are plenty of alternative options. Which outfit works for you? Hope you can find something that best suits your needs.

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