Why Use a Foot Spa?

Foot Spa

I have never used a foot Spa before, but many people use a foot Spa for therapeutic reasons. These spas come in many varieties with various functions. For those who have tired achy feet, these baths can help bring some relief and a reduction of stress. 

A foot Spa can help provide circulation, muscle relaxation, a reduction in inflammation, relief from arthritis, and therapy for light injuries such as sprains. It brings relief for many by helping relieve aches. Additionally, by using oils and salts, therapeutic effects can be felt as well.

We have all had those days when our feet need tending to. We wear shoes that can stress our feet, and as we work and exercise our feet may also be put under strain and be in need of care. A foot spa can help bring some relief to those who use it, similar to using a bath or a hot tub.


When your unwinding from a long day, a nice foot bath can help you feel more relaxed. Just like sitting in a hot tub, a foot spa can help take you away from the cares of the day, as you relax in your own little peaceful spa area.

Creating an atmosphere of relaxation can be a big part of the relaxation that comes as you soak your feet for a while in a foot spa. Some set aside a small area away from sights and noises, to create the perfect spa space.

By using candles, a bathrobe (AD), mood lighting, a relaxing chair, oils (AD), books, bath salts (AD), lotions, and towels, you will have created your own special area to relax and feel the worries of the day melt away. 

Pain Relief

Different types of foot spas can help in different ways. The main benefit of a foot spa comes from soaking your foot in hot water for a period of time. Muscles will have a chance to warm up and relax after a soak, although some foot stretching is needed in more extreme cases.

Heat is helpful for relieving the pain of some foot conditions. Plantar fasciitis responds well to heat, along with sore muscles and tissues. A hot soak can bring a bit of relief to the foot and those who have arthritis in their foot joints can start to feel relief fairly well.

If you have inflammation in your foot, cold can also be just what you need to help relieve pain. Fill your spa with ice and water to soak the affected area, or just place a small frozen water bottle in the water and roll your foot over it, on the affected area of inflammation.

Healing Effects

While a foot spa is not going to heal your feet if you have more severe foot problems, repeated use can have a lasting impact on how well your feet feel and function on a daily basis. A spa, if implemented correctly, will have therapeutic effects on your feet.

Remember to never create conditions that are too hot or too cold, because it can cause complications for some people with health conditions.

Be aware some people should avoid foot spas and hot tubs because it can lead to other problems, so contact your doctor if you have diabetes or other health conditions.


Those who have diabetes know that circulation is very important. Some people with diabetes will get their insurance companies to help pay for the cost of a hot tube to help with their body’s blood circulation. Many conditions respond well to heat.

A foot spa can help your feet get more circulation. Circulation is key to helping the body to heal itself, and preventing problems that can occur from a lack of circulation. 


Several foot spas have a massage function. When your feet are massaged, it can bring a soothing effect to your feet. Many spas have bumps on the bottom to help stimulate the tissues and muscles of your feet.

This physical contact can be helpful for helping in creating some pressure on the sole of your foot and increasing the connection between the foot tissues and the brain. 

Feeling pressure on your feet can give your brain the feedback you need to help with natural walking. When our feet are not in contact with the ground all day, because they are protected by shoes, they lack the normal feedback to the brain. 

It seems to me that stimulating the feet may help bring a bit of natural connection from the feet to the brain, so they can function more naturally. 


Heat and cold are both good at helping to alleviate inflammation in your feet. But which is the best to use with your feet? 

Generally, you want to use heat for normal muscle aches and sprains, but if you have a chronic issue that lasts more than a few days then ice is usually the best solution for your problem.

A doctor is the best person to ask, especially since we may not always recognize that our normally achy feet might have something to do with a more chronic issue we just didn’t realize was there. Here’s a nice info-graphic that details when to use ice or heat. (article) 


When you’re stressed, you may need some me time, to decompress. Stress expresses itself in both physical and emotional ways. It usually increases levels of stress hormones in the body and taking time to de-stress, we can bring real health benefits over time.

Stress leads to all sorts of issues, such as sleeplessness and heart disease in more extreme conditions. We all need some time to relax in the right way, not just in front of the TV.


When you want to put the worries of the day behind you, setting up a calm environment where you can feel at peace can be very helpful. As you find yourself in a peaceful place it is easier to focus on relaxing.

Learning to be aware of one’s breathing and being able to let go of thoughts as they come, can help you use your foot spa to its fullest potential. 

Some things you might want to try during your foot bath are: taking in a few deep breaths, slowing down your breathing as you breathe in and out, and focusing on your breath. You can also try being more aware of your feet and experiencing how they are feeling.

Hopefully, you can let yourself relaxing and feeling peaceful as your bathe your feet. Some people find relaxing music (article) to be very helpful.  

My Top Foot Spas Picks

If you’re ready to use a foot spa, here are my top picks that you might want to look at. It’s very helpful to read the reviews to find the spa that works best for you.

Mantello Foot Wash Basin

This foot bath fits most feet up to 11″ long. With sturdy plastic construction and a deep basin design, most people will find it a good foot soaking solution.

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03/10/2024 11:21 am GMT

Foot Spa/Bath Massager

Many people enjoy this foot spa that massages your feet with heat and bubbles. Comes with rollers and easy-to-use controls.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Ivation Foot Spa Massager

This foot spa comes with the option to heat the water, give you a massage, and use bubbles. It has rollers to aid in massage and comes with pedicure attachments.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/11/2024 09:44 pm GMT

Giantex Foot Spa

Enjoy a foot spa with the luxury of bubbles, heat, and massage. Has rollers to aid in massage and can heat the water for you.

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03/11/2024 09:51 pm GMT

Conair Foot Spa with Massage

This foot spa has a deep basin and the option for massage. With easy-to-control and removable rollers for massage, this spa is one many people enjoy.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/11/2024 10:05 pm GMT


A foot spa can be helpful for most people who want to relax and help their feet feel less achy. Not necessarily a therapy device, it can still be very helpful for people who are dealing with issues ranging from inflammation to sore muscles.

As you set up a peaceful environment you can enjoy the full benefits of relaxing with a foot spa. The best thing about a foot spa might be experienced after using it for several months and noticing that your foot problems are getting better and better.

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