15 Benefits of Walking to Work

15 benefits of walking to work

Walking on a trail away from the bustle of everyday life can be very calming for me. I tend to let go of the stresses of the day and enjoy nature. 

The benefits of walking to work may be different for each person, but we all benefit by making it a part of our daily routine. Here are 15 ways of walking to work is beneficial.

  1. Start the Day Stress-Free
  2. Get Your Body Energized
  3. Domino Effect (More Motivation)
  4. Spend Less Money
  5. Use Time to Learn Something New (podcast)
  6. Get Out in the Sun for Increased Health 
  7. Optimize Your Digestion
  8. Improved Metabolism
  9. Improved Cardio Vascular System
  10. Better Joint Health
  11. Work on Stronger Feet
  12. Better Flexibility
  13. Clear Your Mind (Meditate)
  14. Reflect on Your Day (Set Goals)
  15. Combat Isolation and Loneliness

We live in a world where fast access to whatever we want is available, but slowing down can help us get some of the things that we really need. Which benefit of walking to work is something you would like? 

1. Walk to Work to Start the Day Stress-Free

stress free walking to work

If you are already stressed by the time you get to work, it’s likely you’ve been rushed, have a full schedule, and several deadlines. 

We can take the edge off and be more productive with our time by walking to work. It gives us time to process (maybe write down) the most important tasks that need to get done. 

As we walk our bodies start to produces healthy chemicals that can enhance your mood. allowing you to handle stress in a calmer measured way.

Once you have cleared your mind of worries you can let your mind relax and focus on the things you are grateful for. This can help you feel like things aren’t so overwhelming. You’ll get along with coworkers better and accomplish your goals more efficiently. 

2. Walk to Work To Get Energized

Feeling tired in the morning is normal for many thousands of workers each day. Getting some exercise by walking helps our bodies get many processes started that help us wake up.

With most households having two main breadwinners, we often need to work extra time at work just to get by. Then, at home, we need to do choirs and other responsibilities.  

This leaves may leave less time to sleep and increase our stress. It may start to create an unhealthy cycle of stress and sleeplessness. 

Walking home after work can help us transition from stress to a calmer state of mind and give us more energy. That way we can get more done and without resorting to unhealthy coping methods to destress and relax.

I think a 10-minute walk before work and a 30 minute after work will bring the greatest benefits for energy and a calm state of mind. 

3. Walk to Work to Help Your Motivation

motivation walking to work

Once you start a healthy habit, it tends to create a domino effect in your life. It all depends on how healthy our routine is.

To gets the most out of your walk-to-work experience, we need consistency. The more consistent we are the better the results will be with our motivation in other areas of our life. 

For example, if we start to walk to work each once a week on Monday for a month, we tend to make one of the following choices:

  • We let other things get in the way of our walk because it doesn’t seem to be making a difference.
  • We see that we are able to accomplish one day a week and feel we can now do more days.  
  • We continue to stay with one day a week because that seems to work. 

A healthy habit is based on being willing to not let things get in the way, and when we see we can follow through our motivation continues. If we can just continue till we start to see the benefit of our walk, then we will start to want to do even more.

Maybe we will start to walk more or change our diet because we see we were able to make change happen. So, walking consistency is important for motivation in other areas of our life too. 

4. Walk to Work to Spend Less Money

save money walking to work

I drive a truck that I love, but it is also is a gas hog. It cost about $70 to fill up at times. I try to use other means of travel if I can. 

Walking is a great way to save money.

Maybe you live too far from work to walk to work. Could you park ten minutes away and walk the rest of the way. This is a great way to get some health benefits in will saving gas money. 

No, you’re not saving much gas, but if you think in terms of health benefits and money saved over time on health bills, then things start to add up.

“According to the agency for Healthcare Research and Quality[5], the average length of hospitalization and related costs for heart attack patients is 5.3 days at $21,500 per stay.” (health.costhelper.com)

Here’s a chart that gives a relative idea of what might happen when walking to work

TimeWalking – (5 Days to work, 10+10 min)Gas Saved (Based on 30 MPG)Money Save – (Based on $2.50 per Gal)
1 Month400 Min = ~20 miles2/3 Gallon.84 cents
6 Months2,400 Min = ~120 miles4 Gallons$10
1 Year4,800 Min = ~240 miles8 Gallons$20 

The unseen health benefits of walking every day are what really can be beneficial, but they are less noticeable and take time to start to feel. Are they worth it to you?

 5. Walk to Work to Learn Something New

learning walking to work

I just started to listen to a Spanish podcast from Duolingo. It has been fun to listen to stories and learn a bit of Spanish. 

Sometimes I just listen to music but I often enjoy listening to different podcasts. I use Google Podcast to find programs that I am interested in. 

There’s so much to learn and so very entertaining programs that can help you out with work, your health, or whatever piques your interest.

6. Walk to Work to Gets You Out in the Sun 

learning walking to work

Getting too much sun isn’t healthy, but if we get outside in the morning and evening when go to and from work, we can get a healthy dose of sunlight. 

Usually, we can avoid direct sunlight and still get some rays while walking before and after work. If needed, you can buy some SPF cream that is non-greasy and non-scented.

That way you can feel comfortable putting SPF lotion on before work. Some lotions are good at moisturizing your skin and can be used daily. 

The sunlight provides your body with Vitamin D and may help to enhance your mood. 

Most doctors warn about getting too much sun, and if you have skin concerns definitely see your doctor before making walking to work a daily routine.

7. Walk to Work to Optimize Your Digestion

Walking is a good way to help your stomach move food through your stomach.

The stomach is like a second brain according to evidence that scientists have found. They have found an incredible amount of nerve connections in your stomach that respond to what’s in your stomach and it’s the microbiome. 

Some evidence has shown that the stomach may be just as important or more in producing good feeling chemicals that help enhance our mood. 

So, when we walk we are helping aid the stomach is doing its job a bit. Walking can also help us feel less hungry, giving our stomach a break from digestion and time to heal itself if needed. 

A healthy stomach can help us feel healthier, so walking may help to get our stomach in better shape and aid our overall wellbeing.    

8. Walk to Work to Improve Your Metabolism

Metabolism walking to work

Slow walking is healthy for some health benefits, but moving quickly can bring about more benefits. One benefit of walking fast is improved metabolism.

You’ll need to get your heart consistently above its normal range for a period of time. It needs to be difficult to talk when walking fast, but you should not be out of breath.    

When your body is creating chemical reactions to help turn food into energy, it can speed up this process when your muscle is trained to need more energy. 

Any type of aerobic exercise and weight lifting can help you improve your metabolism because more energy is needed.  

The muscle needs the energy to work, so a quick walk will likely improve muscle development and may add some muscle growth.    

9. Walk to Work to Improve Your Cardio Vascular System

heart health walking to work

The body needs to get blood to millions of cells each day. The veins can get clogged over time with plaque. It all depends on exercise, genetic predisposition, and diet.  

Exercise helps to keep our veins free from plaque development. We can even reverse some of the damage that has occurred by changing to a healthier diet as well as exercise.

The body needs to move to get things processed in a healthy manner. Sitting at work and being a couch potato at home stagnate some body processes.

Walking has been shown to help people improve their cardiovascular health. 

10. Walk to Work for Better Joint Health

Joint health walking to work

If we walk to work we will likely improve our joint health because it helps provides the joints more nutrients. More healing can occur with better blood flow.

Joints also have synovial fluid that helps with cushioning. By walking we can increase the flow of this fluid in our joints. 

Studies show that walking can help those with joint pain. Walking also aids those who are suffering from arthritis. 

A doctor can determine what is causing joint pain, so those with painful joints should get help to determine the cause, so problems don’t get worse. 

11. Walk to Work for Stronger Feet

Stronger Feet walking to work

Shoes can have a big impact on our joint alignment and the strength of our feet. The reason for this is because the shoe controls the position of our feet. 

If we walk in a shoe that allows for more natural walking, we can increase the strength of our feet. 

As the muscles of our feet get stronger and we walk more naturally, our feet get healthier arches. Our bones will be better aligned in our feet and that will transfer all the way up the line to our head. 

Our arches will be able to absorb impacts better, which can help those who have back pain. They try to compensate for their pain by holding an improper posture. 

With less pain, they can stand up straighter with better alignment. So getting zero drop shoes or other shoes that support a more natural walking form can help, just make sure your feet are strong enough

12. Walk to Work for Better Flexibility

Flexibility walking to work

While we can get tight muscles by walking a lot, walking also helps our muscles stretch. 

Older adults need to walk more to help with the loss of flexibility. If you’ve looked at some seniors and some sedentary individuals, you’ll notice they have difficulty with various movements.

Some of this is due to loss of range of movement because their muscles haven’t been moving enough to make those movements naturally. 

After some continued work, they can regain that movement and have a wider range of movement.   

13. Walk to Work to Clear Your Mind 

clear mind walking to work

I have noticed that when I walk in the evening after dinner, I find it both energizing and relaxing. I feel less stressed and have more energy to get more things done before I go to bed. 

An added benefit is that I can sleep more soundly after about 30 minutes of walking. 

Sometimes I walk with my earphones on and listen to music. I find that I feel better by the time I get home. I am no longer feeling as down (if I was before), and I can clear my mind from unpleasant thoughts.

14. Walk to Work to Reflect on Your Day 

Reflect On Day walking to work

Walking is a good way to organize your thoughts when you want to plan for your day or to ponder something that is weighing heavy on your mind.

Whether it’s planning for the future or making a big decision, we can use this time to reflect and clear our minds so that our work and personal time are more effective. 

Some people like to journal, pray, and meditate to help them let go of thoughts and feelings so they can have peace of mind. Walking to work can give you a bit of this personal time to get your thoughts out.   

15. Walk to Work to Combat Isolation and Loneliness

Sometimes when we are couped up in our house too long, we start to get restless and possibly depressed. Humans need personal contact with others. We need to feel connected with others. 

Getting out of the house to walk can give us a sense that we are a part of the community. We can wave to strangers, say hi, and feel like your a part of a community of people like yourself. 

It’s healthy to connect with others, connect with nature, and be in a safe environment that is pleasant to be in.

We can fight isolation and loneliness by regularly getting out and walking to work if it is safe to do so.

Final Thoughts

Walking to work isn’t always practical for everyone. Sometimes we just have to make a compromise to make it work for us. 

Walking, in general, is a great idea for everyone, and I think we can all make time to do it for a period of time each week.

Good luck with your walking goals. If you can walk to work, I hope this time is useful for you and that you can have a good experience.    

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I enjoy many types of outdoor activities including running, hiking, and walking. I was a former elementary school teacher for 17 years and now enjoy writing and sharing my love of the outdoors.

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