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Suede Brushes

When was the last time you bought a shoe brush or cleaner for suede? Most of us don’t even remember this. We keep using old brushes, and when we have to clean them thoroughly, it might take nearly thirty minutes to clean suede. 

A suede shoe brushes are helpful for cleaning off dirt, scuff marks, hair, lint, water spots, and salt. They can revitalize suede shoes by fluffing up the nap so they look close to new. Brushing back and forth in the direction of the nap will help get your shoes into a nice shape. 

It is quite hard to clean suede when it is not cleaned or brushed regularly. I used to do this but now I clean them the right way. It is possible to bring shoes back from looking terrible to looking great. ​

Suede Care

Suede Care

Suede shoes give your whole attire a better look. You can couple them with a formal suit or even casual jeans and a shirt. But the problem comes with their cleaning. They tend to get messy looking fairly easily. Water and grime make them look stained. 

Suede cleaning is not hard if you clean your suede shoes regularly and with the right product. 

I used to avoid wearing my suede shoes because they were quite difficult to clean and take proper care of when I didn’t clean them for a while. Yet, because they are leather, they can be cleaned fairly easily if done frequently.

You have to brush them regularly and take proper care to clean them when needed. Suedes require daily care if worn daily, and that’s why you should store them properly. It is one thing people usually ignore.

If storing your shoes for a while, use a cotton shoe bag rather than a plastic one because plastic can trap moisture. Whenever you wear them, make sure you put them back in their storage area carefully to avoid damage to the suede. 

Types of Suede Brushes

There are at least three types of suede brushes you can find. They all do a fairly good job at cleaning your shoes without damaging them. Just be careful not to be overly aggressive with your brush. 

suede Brush types
  • Natural Bristle Brush – These brushes are made from natural fibers, such as horsehair. They are good at removing mud, dirt, and salt. Use it by brushing back and forth in the direction of the nap.  
  • Brass and Nylon Bristle Brush – They are made from brass and nylon bristles. These brushes do heavy cleaning for scuff marks and stains. Use it by brushing back and forth in the direction of the nap.    
  • Crepe Brush – These are made of rubber. They are good at removing dirt and marks. They help flattened nap lift up and look new again. Use it by rubbing the suede back and forth quickly with some force. 
  • Eraser – These are made of rubber. This is not a brush, but it can be used in the same way to clean dry stains on your shoe.  Use it by rubbing the suede back and forth quickly with some force. 
  • Foam Brush – These brushes are made of a bristly foam material. They are good at removing dirt and fluffing up the nap. Use it by brushing back and forth in the direction of the nap.    

Top Picks – Shoe Brushes for Suede

Now, talking about cleaning the shoes, I think buying a shoe brush for cleaning suede is very helpful. Using any shoe cleaning cloth or your regular brush for shoes may damage the grains of the suede. 

Suede shoe brushes Try to find the perfect brush for it. I am discussing a few of the brushes that I think will help you find the perfect brush.

1. Shacke Suede and Nubuck 4 Way Brush


Here are the main features:

  • Cleans suede shoes and boots, coats, jackets, furniture, dance shoes, and sneakers
  • Rough rubbery side for heavy scuff marks and stains
  • Nylon bristles-light cleaning/ Brass bristles-heavy cleaning
  • Arch half circle for round shoe corners
  • Short rubbery bristles for grooves and creases 

Shacke Suede and Nubuck 4 ways brush is a brush with nylon bristles made explicitly for suede cleaning. I have also observed that nylon bristles are very gentle and apt for cleaning the suede.

As they have said, it is a four-way brush cleaner. So, on one side, it has a nylon bristle brush, which is typically used the most, although some people may prefer the rubbery bristles for gentler cleaning.

There is a welt surface on the other side, which is used to clean any scuff marks or stains that are not removed by the nylon bristles brush. 

There is a rounded corner for hard-to-reach places on the shoes, which are usually left alone because the brush cannot reach there. For that reason, this brush has an arched surface and a protruding brush to reach all those grooves and crevices.

I believe that with the four options for cleaning, you will be able to clean all the areas of your shoe with this brush.

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2. Sof Sole Suede and Nubuck Brush Kit


Here are the main features:

  • Cleans suede, nubuck shoes, and suede-like items
  • Nylon bristles for light cleaning of dirt, hair, lint, and water sports
  • Rubber eraser for heavily soiled areas

Sof Sole Suede and Nubuck brush kit consists of a brush and a rubber eraser for cleaning your shoes. You can clean all the dirt, lint, and stains from your shoes with this brush. It is also said that it is great to clean those stubborn water stains.

It is normal for hair and fur to stick to the suede and not come off very well. I believe this kit’s brush can easily remove them.  

Another thing that is quite good about it is that they claim it can easily clean the shoes without the usage if any other cleaner. So if you are looking for a suede shoe brush that works well for most people, this might be the one for you.

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3. Premium Suede Brush Nubuck Cleaner


Here are the main features:

  • Cleans suede, nubuck shoes, and suede-like items
  • Nylon/brass bristles brush – for light to heavy cleaning of soil, stains, marks, and scuffs
  • Rubber eraser – for heavily soiled areas
  • Crepe Brush – for removing marks and restoring nap

If you are looking for a complete bristles shoe brush cleaning kit, this can be your number one choice because it comes with a Suede Brush Nubuck Cleaner Crepe Brush and Suede Eraser Set, all of them claimed to be of premium quality.

This brush set should help you reach all the crevices and clean all of the scuff marks, dirt, debris, dried mud, soil, salt, dust & perspiration stains from your shoes. It comes in three pieces.

The bristle brush, crepe brush, and eraser can work together to bring out the shoes like new qualities. It should be gentle on your leather as long as you are gently using them.

This is quite believable as they have said that this kit is all you need or you can pair them with a suede cleaner. I suppose it will make an excellent gift for your boyfriend, friend, husband, or even brother. Also, make sure to test it on a small patch before using it over the entire shoe to check for colorfastness.

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4. Dry Cleaning Kit-Timberland


Here are the main features:

  • Cleans suede, nubuck shoes, and canvas
  • Nylon bristles brush – for light to heavy cleaning of soil, stains, marks, and scuffs.
  • Rubber eraser (cleaning bar) – for heavily soiled areas

If you don’t want to use any liquid cleaner on your shoes, this dry kit can serve that purpose. It comes with a cleaner bar and a shoe brush. The Timberland brand claims that the products are specifically made to remove those rough shoe stains

Suede stains are hard to come off, so first, use the cleaner bar to slightly agitate it and then clean it with the brush. I think this will make the stains come off easily and will not take you much time.

They suggest you test the cleaning bar on a small area first to check for colorfastness before cleaning the entire shoe.

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5. TAKAVU Shoe Shine Kit


Here are the main features:

  • Cleans suede and leather products
  • Crepe brush – for gentle, thorough cleaning of soil, stains, marks, and scuffs
  • Long handle horsehair brush – application of polishing creams 
  • 6.7″ horsehair brush – for shinning shoes and brushing nap
  • Microfiber cloth – for cleaning polish or buffing shoes 

Lastly, this shoe kit is a complete shoe care kit for your leather shoes, including suede. It has a horsehair soft bristles brush. The handle is made of beechwood, and the horsehair is very gentle, even gentler than nylon bristles. 

There is another long-handle shoe cleaner applicator brush, which is made to assist your grip, and it can reach the smallest crevices of shoes. They have these little details, making your usage easier as the shoe cleaner’s long handle and the concave-shaped wooden handle helps you hold a brush.

Moving from this, there is another shoe cleaner cloth that you can use on your suede if you wear it daily because one does not have enough time to clean it daily. So slightly buff them with the cloth. I suppose this will make your shoes look as good as new.

Tips for Cleaning Suede

Tips suede shoes

Now that you know of the shoe brushes for suede, let us discuss a few details and cleaning methods to follow when cleaning suede. They can be quite hard to clean at times, but I am glad that I found the right way at the right time. Here, I am sharing a few suede cleaning tips that I have been following religiously lately, and my shoes have been great since then.

1. Brush Them Regularly

When taking care of shoes, especially suede shoes, cleaning them is necessary, and I think that brushing the suede shoes will brush off all the dirt and keep them clean.

2. Invest in a Good Shoe Brush

A good shoe brush might be expensive, but I believe that it can work well for you. A good shoe brush can do wonders with your cleaning. I have discussed some of the good brushes above. Buy one that suits you.

3. Use a Knife

This might sound quite absurd to you, but as they say, it is a tried and tested technique that using a knife for those stubborn scuffs works wonders. If you are afraid that a knife might damage your shoe, you can use a butter knife instead.

4. Vinegar and Water

Some of the stains do not come off easily; use diluted vinegar as a cleaner on those stains, let dry, and then brush them off. It will work exceptionally well with the stains.

5. Use Crumpled Paper Inside

To prevent creases when cleaning your shoes, put a crumpled paper inside. Cleaning and brushing might misshape the suede and the paper helps it maintain the shoe’s shape. When storing them, you can also place a paper inside.

An alternative would be to use a shoetree to help maintain shoe shape. 


Your suede shoes may be a prized possession, and to prevent them from getting damaged or dirty, having a cleaning brush is helpful.

A good shoe brush for suede, along with a good liquid cleaner, is probably all you will need to help keep your shoes looking their best. 

With some regular care, your suede shoes and suede products will last longer and look their best.

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