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Shoe Covers Booties

When a contractor enters your house, you may see them use shoe covers, also called booties, to keep your house clean. I’ve seen a couple of people use them when they did work on my house. 

Shoe covers or booties can protect your shoes from dust, spills, and stains. They also help stop the spread of germs and contamination from the outside to the places you want to stay clean, like your house.

I appreciate the little efforts contractors make to put on shoe covers. They make an impression that they are more professional and considerate. Depending on the kind you get they can effectively protect your shoes and stop the spread of dirt and germs.

Why Get Shoe Covers? 10 Reasons

Why Get Shoe Covers

There are several reasons to get shoe covers. One of the most pertinent to this year of 2021 is the global pandemic. People want to stop the spread of the virus. Although shoe covers might not help much to stop the spread, people feel better knowing that others are trying. 

Here are 10 reasons you might want to use shoe covers:

  1. To stop the spread of dirt and germs on your shoe to other surfaces.
  2. To help protect your carpet and floors from anything that might stick (tar, paint) or stain your floors.
  3. To protect your shoes and keep them clean (from dirt, dust, spills, and sticky stuff.)
  4. To use in medical or hospital settings where you need to be extra careful about keeping things clean.  
  5. To use in rooms that need to stay clean. Such as for police at a crime scene, for special items (expensive painting), or equipment (electronics) you don’t want to contaminate. 
  6. To use as a realtor to help keep houses clean. A potential buyer can walk everywhere in the house without getting the carpet dirty.  
  7. For auto mechanics to prevent grease and oil from getting in customers’ cars. 
  8. For unexpected situations such as a sudden rainstorm, crossing muddy areas, and generally keeping shoes clean if where you are isn’t.
  9. For workers who enter customers’ homes to work on various repair or construction projects.
  10. For those looking to protect their shoes a bit more when painting.  

For me, I would most likely use them when there’s rain and I’m crossing a water puddle. I could keep a pair in the car and use them when needed. 

Which Shoe Cover Should I get?

Which Cover To Get

You can choose various brands with different features but there are two main types of shoe covers; the disposable kind and the reusable kind. 

Be aware that many shoe covers may not be large enough for some shoes. They make most of them as one size fits many.

Disposable Shoe Covers

Some people need a one-time use cover, such as in a hospital. They can’t use them again because that would spread germs.

If you work in someone else’s home you probably want to get disposable covers as well. Customers don’t want to see dirty or worn-looking shoe covers when they come into their homes.

Disposable covers usually come in large quantities so you’ll have access to many covers for a longer period of time. 

Two Options to Consider


  • How many: 50 Pairs
  • Length: 14.96″ (Men – 11, Women – 13)
  • Made of: Thermoplastic with an elastic band. 
  • Waterproof
  • Slip-resistant
  • Tear-resistant


  • How many: 50 Pairs
  • Length: 16.5″  (Men – 11, Women – 13)
  • Made of: Polypropylene, silicone, with an elastic band. (fabric-like feel)
  • Slip-resistant

Reusable Shoe Covers

These are good for individuals who don’t need to dispose of their shoe covers. They have the advantage of lasting a long time so you don’t have to spend money over and over on new ones. 

If you need shoe covers to protect your shoes while in the garden, painting, or while in the rain, a reusable shoe cover is likely your best option. It doesn’t matter what it looks like or if it gets dirty because you take them off before you go into the house or car. 

Reusable shoe covers are made of thicker, more durable material so you can use them over and over. Some you can wash and others you can rinse off.  

Two Options to Consider


  • How many: 2 Pairs
  • Length: 13″ (Men – 12)
  • Made of: Nylon and elastic band. Rubber dots for grip.
  • Water-resistant
  • Slip-resistant sole
  • Washable


  • How many: 2 Pairs
  • Length: Men 9.5 – 12, Women 10+ (medium and x-large option available)
  • Made of: Nylon, napped cotton fabric surface, Dacron lining, and elastic band. Rubber dots for grip.
  • Water-resistant
  • Slip-resistant sole
  • Washable 
  • Rip-resistant

Final Thoughts

A shoe cover can be helpful for many people. If you’re trying to protect your shoes or the surfaces your shoes walk on, a shoe cover can be a handy item to have. 

I might get one for hiking, so if I cross a small stream my hiking boots or trail runners wouldn’t get soaked. If you need some shoe covers I hope you find just the right kind that works best for you.

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