Caterpy Laces Review [Worth It or Not]

Caterpy Lace Review

Back in September of 2020, I bought some Caterpy Laces. I put them on my current running shoes at the time so I could easily put them on and take them off. With some of my shoes, I’ve noticed if you don’t tie them just right, they feel too tight or too loose, and I hope these laces will help.

Caterpy Laces are stretch shoelaces that have elastic bumps that hold the laces in place while allowing for stretching. I found they kept my foot snug and allowed my foot to move comfortably since the laces could expand and contract. I would recommend them. 

Now that I’ve used them for about half a year, I would recommend getting Caterpy Laces or any type of stretchy laces because of how comfortable my foot is when I walk or run and how easy they are to put on and take off.

Putting Caterpy Laces on My Shoes

I wasn’t sure how best to put my Caterpy Laces on my shoes. I thought I should make them tight since they were so stretchy.

At first, I made the mistake of making them too tight. I couldn’t get my shoes on. 

Then, I guessed that I would need to make the laces looser, closer to where you would traditionally tie your shoes, but that didn’t work well either. They were either too tight or too loose.    

Later, I adjusted them so they were all the same length from eyelet to eyelet. This happened to be the perfect length for the number of eyelets on my shoe and the perfect level of comfort.

Lacing pattern Caterpy Laces

I found that putting 3 bumps between each eyelet all the way to the top, except for the last two pair of eyelets where I used 4 bumps, worked best. I have 14 eyelets (or 7 pairs) on each of my Asics Gel-Excite 6 shoes and bought the standard 30-inch laces.

There were 3 bumps left after I laced my shoes and these I tucked into the top crossed lace.  

It took me about 5 minutes to unlace my old shoe and lace on the Caterpy Laces but I was doing it at an odd angle for the camera, so you’ll be able to do it much quicker.   

Putting on and Taking Off My Shoes

The laces make it fairly easy to put on and take off my shoes. Mostly, I put my shoes on without much trouble, but it would help if my shoe tongue and heel collar were a little longer so I could grab them better when putting on my shoe. Some slip-on shoes come with stretchy laces and areas to grab.  

If you make the laces too tight it will become much harder to put your shoes on. Most walking shoes should be fine with medium to a loose fit. Running shoes and hiking shoes might need a tighter fit so there’s no slipping at all. This all depends on your shoe and how much room is in it. 

Yet, I would recommend a medium to looser feel at first to test out and see how they perform.    

Walking and Running With Caterpy Laces

It’s really nice to have a slip-on shoe that you can put on and walk to run in. There’s a level of comfort and snugness that I don’t always get with my other shoes.


When I walk in my Caterpy Laces they feel comfortable and they stretch a bit as I walk. 3 lace bumps between each eyelet gave me a comfortable snug feel. 

Each shoe will be a bit different. If you have a big cushiony midsole and a soft cushioned tongue, you might do fine with your laces a bit looser. If you need your shoes a bit tighter then you can adjust the laces and they’ll stay in place.


Just like walking, my shoe felt very comfortable when running. They didn’t feel too tight or too loose, just snug. 

When I tie my Nike Downshifter 7 shoes, I tend to tie them a bit loose so I feel comfortable on my run.

It works well but I sometimes wish I could tie them snugger for a bit more stability, but they tend to feel too tight. 

running caterpy laces

Having snug laces that stretch is great because they don’t push too much pressure on my foot, and when I run I don’t notice any tension.

They feel snug and after I start running I don’t notice them at all. This helps me have a good time running instead of focusing on whether my shoes are too tight, too loose, or if my shoelaces are tied. 

The Stretchiness of Caterpy Laces

The laces stretch fairly well and stay put well. They don’t pull through the eyelet on my shoe, although if your shoe has unusually large eyelets, the bumps would likely go through much easier.

If you’re a long-distance runner, pregnant, or someone whose feet swell up at times, having stretchy laces can be very helpful for your comfort levels.  

Why Caterpy Laces

There are several different kinds of stretchy laces you can buy. I think you would be fine with almost any kind you want to buy.

I decided to go for the Caterpy Laces because they can apply pressure differently on each row of eyelets if necessary. I wanted to have snug running shoes to feel comfortable.

They also have good ratings from customers. People like that they:

  • It works well for running.
  • It doesn’t need to be tightened, tied, or loosened.
  • They are customizable to your shoe needs.
  • Never have to touch them after they are in position.
  • Are comfortable.      

After I got my pair, it took a little while to get them in place just right, but after that, I haven’t touched them and they continue to work well for me. 

What to Know About Caterpy Laces

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Here are some key features of the Caterpy Laces. 

  • They allow your foot to slip into your shoe without having to touch the laces.
  • The elastic laces improve your foot circulation.
  •  The bumps stop at the eyelet, giving you the tension you want.
  • Guaranteed to last at least the life of one pair of shoes.

Photo Gallery of my Caterpy Laces

Caterpy Laces
Two Shoe Caterpy Laces
Caterpy Laces 2
Caterpy Laces 3
Caterpy Laces 4

My Opinion of the Caterpy Laces

I like them a lot. I haven’t had any problem with them once I positioned them in the right place. They feel comfortable for several hours at a time. 

I haven’t worn them all day long so I not sure if they would start bothering me or not. I imagine if they were just a bit too snug they would start to get uncomfortable after a couple of hours.

I love that I can put them on fairly easily and take them off very easily. 

There’s something to be said about not having to deal with shoelaces, especially when you are on a run. 

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