What Is Shoe Jewelry?

What Is Shoe Jewelry

So, you’ve been asked to be part of a wedding party. That’s great! However, it’s going to be expensive. If you’re on a budget and looking for a way to cut costs, try out shoe jewelry to spice up a cheap plain shoe so you can put more money towards the dress.

Shoe jewelry is any accessory you can add to your shoe. Clips, bows, fur, you name it. Shoe jewelry is an accessory you can add to your shoes to personalize your look.

If you’re on the hunt for shoe jewelry for yourself, or you’re a bride looking for a gift for her bridal party to cut down on their costs, Amazon has excellent options. The best part is many of these sets come with more than one pair to give variety.

1.  Flower Crystal Party Wedding Shoe Clips


These shoe clips are just as the brand describes: elegant. Lots of shapes with rhinestones on them. Rhinestone shoe clips are perfect for bedazzling your shoes for a wedding.

If you are getting married, maybe you get matching ones as gifts for everyone in the bridal party to wear on your special day. The multicolor ones could match the dresses!

2. Elegant Rhinestone Crystal Metal Shoe Clips


The Polkar brand shoe jewelry offers many styles that have black accents. If you’re wedding theme incorporates black, this brand is a good option for your shoe jewelry.

They showcase large gemstones in square shapes, so they are going to look good accompanied by black suits. Shoe jewelry is also a great money saver. This clip can be placed on the front of the shoe to look like it’s a buckle on the shoe giving it some flair.

3. Wedding Party Prom Decoration Crystals Clutch Dress Hat Shoe Clips


This silver shoe jewelry clip will look great on either the front or the side of the shoe. It’s an excellent way to jazz up a simple shoe.

If you are wearing it to prom, you and your girlfriends could purchase the same ones to have something matching at the dance. They are subtle and can be your little secret.

4. Rhinestone Ribbon Bow Wedding Party Shoe Clip


If you’re looking for something that isn’t fully rhinestones, try out this shoe jewelry clip. Featuring a ribbon bow, this clip will look stunning on the front of a pump shoe.

They also have rhinestones to give the shoe jewelry the bedazzled factor with the bow in 7 different colors.

5. Rhinestone Jewelry Shoe Clips


Looking for something with a little color? This shoe jewelry clip comes in nine different  colored stones. You might like the middle stone with a royal blue. A blue stone will go perfectly with a blue dress and me your outfit pop. 

You could also clip this to a hat or a purse instead of a shoe to use as an accessory.

6. Rhinestone Crystal Metal Shoe Clips


This pack of 2 pairs of clips is a total deal for shoe jewelry. If you wanted to get wild, you could mix and match the clips and wear them on various accessories.

This pack of 2 sets of shoe jewelry will allow you to have variety without making several purchases. One set has a black gemstone in the center, and the other is all rhinestones, so they will go well if you choose to wear them together.

7. Rhinestone Flower Crystal Party Wedding Shoe Accessories Clips


The pearls on this shoe jewelry clip make for a very elegant look. Without breaking the bank, you can make your shoes, hat or bag look classy.

There are subtle rhinestones peppered in, and this product will look stunning on the front of a heeled shoe for any fancy event. Pair them with a pearl necklace to really drive the classiness factor home.

8. Rhinestones Shoes Jewelry Clips


Now, if you are looking for something to really stand out, this shoe jewelry clip is for you. It is a total statement piece. The rhinestones are in a shape like a star that will surely catch everyone’s eye.

If you have a flair for the dramatic, this is the shape for you. The points on the edge scream fashion and everyone will see you coming with this flashy piece of shoe jewelry.

9. Fluffy Mink Fur Pom Removable Shoe Clips


Perhaps you aren’t interested in the classy pearls or rhinestones, and you want something fun and funky to spice up your outside. If the classic styles aren’t for you, this shoe jewelry is bringing quirky and cute to the table.

The fur pom on top is a perfect addition to any shoe to make it really stand out. The fur poms on this shoe jewelry come in a variety of colors such as black, red, and pink.

10. Rhinestones Crystal Shoe Clips


Another funky shape is this brightly colored flower shaped shoe jewelry. This product comes in many colors that are very vibrant.

The good news is you get two sets, so you can choose two colors! Then you will be able to mix and match. Picking vibrant colors to go on a white shoe will look very flashy and be sure to stand out.

To sum it up, there are many options out there when it comes to shoe jewelry. It’s a cost-efficient way to spice up an outfit or add to an older pair of choose to change things up. Whatever your reasoning for purchasing, these shoe jewelry options have something for everyone.

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