Best Shoe Colors for Jeans

Best Shoe Colors for Jeans

I am pretty sure most of you love and own a good pair of jeans since they are versatile, durable, comfortable, and suitable for almost any occasion. However, finding the best shoe colors to match your jeans can sometimes be tricky.

Finding the right shoe color for jeans is determined by several factors, including the type and color of jeans, the style of shoes, the formality of the occasion, weather conditions, and your comfort level.

 Here is a general guideline for pairing your shoe color with jeans

  • Blue Jeans with Blue, Black, or Dark Brown Shoes
  • Dark Jeans with Black, Dark Brown, Burgundy, Green, Grey, or Light Brown Shoes
  • Medium-Light Jeans with Beige, Orange, and White Shoes
  • Lighter Jeans with Navy, Purple, or Red Shoes
  • Black Jeans with Tan, Brown, Red, Pink, Yellow, or White Shoes
  • White/Cream Jeans with black, navy, dark brown, or dark green Shoes or white sneakers

You can wear jeans anywhere from a regular office day to a Sunday brunch. Even so, you can’t miss out on your shoes no matter where you go. The following guide will help you pick the best shoe colors to match your jeans.

Best Shoe Colors for Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans with Blue Shoes

Blue is a versatile color with endless styling options. So, what’s better than pairing your blue shoes with blue jeans? If you want to try a new look and experiment with your outfit, you can start by pairing your blue shoes with blue jeans.

Blue shoes with blue jeans look great together. But make sure to create contrast by pairing light-colored blue jeans with dark blue shoes and dark blue jeans with light blue shoes. In addition, you can add a blue accessory like a watch or hat to enhance your look.

Another thing to consider is choosing the right shade. Choosing the wrong shades of blue jeans and shoes can look disastrous. I suggest you try royal blue shoes with baby blue jeans and see how they rock together.

Here are a few tips for pairing blue shoes with blue jeans:

  1. Choose a cool patterned pair of jeans in the right color.
  2. With dark jeans, pair lighter-colored shoes, for example, light blue shoes with berry-colored jeans.
  3. Choose different brands of shoes to add style and uniqueness to your look.
  4. You can pair your blue shoes with blue jeans, a yellow t-shirt, and a denim jacket for a casual look.
  5. Choose darker blue shoes with a pop of light blue detailing for a more fashionable look. Add a coat or jacket in any shade of blue to complete your look.
  6. For a formal look, Match dark blue shoes with printed jeans.

Blue Jeans with Black Shoes

Jeans are cool, casual, and a staple in any man’s wardrobe. However, wearing them with a pair of black shoes can instantly elevate your look. Pairing blue jeans with black shoes will update your style and add modernism to your look.

You can choose any black shoes like sneakers, boots, or loafers. But make sure the shoes you choose are shiny, whether made from leather or faux leather.

Black shoes with blue jeans are a smart and versatile look suitable for most occasions. So whether you’re out for lunch with friends or attending a formal meeting, you can rock this look.

Blue Jeans with Dark Brown Shoes

Dark brown shoes also go well with blue jeans and can add an updated style to your outfit. A pair of blue jeans, dark brown shoes, and a coat or jacket make a perfect winter look; anyone can pull it off.

You can dress up your look with dark brown combat boots or hiking boots with blue jeans if you want a more adventurous look. On the other hand, you can wear brogues for a smart casual look and loafers for a more luxurious appearance.

Blue Jeans with Bright Colored Sneakers

Sneakers were originally invented as a necessity for budding sportsmen but have now evolved into a street-style fashion trend.

Many brands like Nike, Adidas, and Prada are developing some of the most fashionable sneakers, making it easier to choose a pair that goes with your blue jeans.

Having so many options, you can easily go for bright-colored sneakers paired with blue jeans to make a statement. So, pair your boldest, brightest sneakers with your favorite pair of blue jeans and experiment with your look.

Best Shoe Colors for Dark or Raw Denim Jeans

Raw denim refers to denim that is unwashed or undistressed in garment form. Raw denim is stiff, heavy, clean, and the purest form of denim. It has a dark color that will fade with natural wear and tear.

A pair of dark, raw denim is something common in any men’s wardrobe. Raw denim looks best with neutral-colored shoes like whites, polished black, dark brown, or dark blue. These basic colors give your dark, raw denim a refined yet casual look.

A pair of dark, raw jeans might not look great for a formal event, but they would be an excellent choice for a casual office get-together. To make your raw denim suitable for a formal look, wear them with dark-colored shoes, such as black, brown, or burgundy.

In terms of shoe styles, aside from true dress shoes, raw denim goes well with most shoe types. You can pair them with suede or leather boots like moc-toe or hiking boots.

Dark Jeans with Black Shoes

Polished black shoes look great with your dark, raw denim jeans. This look is stunning, especially for evening hours or events.

Dark Jeans with Dark Brown Shoes

If you’re planning on wearing dark brown dress shoes, pair them with dark, raw denim, and if you’re wearing dark brown casual shoes, pair them with lighter jeans. Both combinations give you a refined look.

Dark Jeans with Burgundy Shoes

Burgundy shoes follow the same rule. If you want to wear burgundy dress shoes, you should wear them with dark denim. However, if your burgundy shoes are more casual, pair them with light blue jeans. The color combination is just perfect either way.

Dark Jeans with Green Shoes

Green shoes are available in different shades. If your dark, raw denim jeans are well-tailored, pair them with darker green shoes. But if your jeans are casual and lighter, pair them with a lighter shade of green shoes.

Dark Jeans with Light Brown Shoes

You can’t go wrong with dark jeans and light brown shoes. Anybody can pull off this combination, especially in summers or warmer weather. Light brown casual and dress shoes both go well with dark denim.

Dark Jeans with Grey Shoes

Although grey shoes look great with darker jeans, don’t pair them with lighter jeans since they will wash out your outfit.

Best Shoe Colors for Medium-Light or Mid-Wash Jeans

Mid-wash jeans are medium light-colored casual jeans. They are ideal for daily duties or weekends. Mid-wash jeans are versatile; you can easily wear and style them without thinking much. Nonetheless, you should know which shoe colors will go well with medium-light jeans to enhance their appearance.

As mid-wash or medium-light jeans are all-rounders, you can wear them with most shoe colors. But still, I have a few recommendations for you. These jeans look best with lighter shade shoes, for example, light-to-medium brown, beige, orange, white, and light grey. You can wear mid-light jeans with black shoes, but I suggest avoiding dark brown shoes.

As I already mentioned, mid-wash jeans are all-rounders, so you don’t have to worry much about your shoe styles. But if you’re still stuck, I suggest wearing white leather sneakers or light suede desert boots.

Medium-Light Jeans with Beige Shoes

Medium-light jeans paired with beige bluchers shoes make a great combination for summertime. You can complete your look with a simple shirt and no-show socks.

Medium-Light Jeans with Orange Shoes

Orange-colored shoes also come in a variety of shades. For example, it will look great with your medium-light jeans if it’s burnt orange. However, keep your shoes casual and your outfit simple if it’s bright orange.

Medium-Light Jeans with White Shoes

White shoes look great with most jeans, especially in warm weather. They create a fun look when paired with medium to dark jeans and can also stand out against lighter jeans.

Best Shoe Colors for Lighter or Stonewashed Jeans

Stonewashed jeans give you a super relaxed and casual appearance. While they are more appropriate for warmer weather, you can also wear them in colder months.

A pair of light-colored stonewashed jeans is a must-have in your wardrobe. They are versatile and can be styled easily for any casual meeting. But, unfortunately, stonewashed jeans don’t go well with dark shoes except for black leather boots.

However, these jeans are great with light shoes like beige, white, tan, and light brown. Other colors that look great with lighter jeans may include navy, purple and red shoes.

As far as shoe styles are concerned, lighter or stonewashed jeans pair well with sneakers. So, it can be a great sporty look for you if you are into sports. White converse shoes and suede runners can also go well with lighter jeans. Other shoe styles that suit stonewashed jeans are suede loafers and desert boots.

Lighter Jeans with Navy Shoes

Navy shoes are quite tricky to pair with jeans, so you must be careful.

Nonetheless, pairing them with lighter stonewashed jeans makes for an attractive and unique combination.

It follows the simple rule of pairing your dark blue shoes with lighter jeans.

Lighter Jeans with Purple Shoes

If you own a pair of purple shoes, don’t miss out on pairing them with lighter jeans. However, if it’s a darker shade of purple, then pair it with dark jeans. Also, don’t forget to add a purple accessory to complete your look.

Lighter Jeans with Red Shoes

Stonewashed jeans are another option with which you can pair your red shoes. Since red shoes are mostly worn casually, they go well with lighter jeans.

Best Shoe Colors for Black Jeans

You can wear black jeans even to dressier settings like dates and night outs where other jeans may not work. However, you should choose shoe colors that complement black jeans for a more elegant look.

For A Formal Look

  • A general rule of thumb is to pair dark-colored shoes with black jeans for a formal look. These dark-colored shoes may include black, dark brown, or dark green.
  • Keep your shoe style in mind as well. I recommend wearing derby shoes, desert boots, or Chelsea boots with black jeans. However, you can also go for loafers for a perfect summer look.

For A Casual Look

Black Jeans with Tan Shoes

Try neutral colors such as tan or nude shoes with black jeans for a softer look. Tan shoes go well with almost everything, particularly when paired with black jeans to create a chic look.

Black Jeans with Brown Shoes

Brown shoes pair well with black jeans. You can pair natural shaded brown shoes with black jeans if you want a more neutral look. It works well for both men and women. I would suggest choosing brown Chelsea boots or loafers for this look. It will compliment your black jeans.

Black Jeans with Red Shoes

You can add color to your casual look by pairing black jeans with bright red shoes.

A combination of black jeans and red shoes is an easy way to achieve a high-end look. Red is a fun shoe color to compliment your outfit and make your look stand out.

Black Jeans with Pink Shoes

Although pink might seem a feminine color, it’s actually a very fun color to wear with black jeans. Of course, you can choose any shade of pink that you like, but I would prefer baby pink color shoes with black jeans.

Black Jeans with Yellow Shoes

You can pair your black jeans with yellow shoes for a bright, chic look. I wouldn’t suggest wearing bright yellow or neon shoes with black jeans; however, a softer yellow will make your outfit pop.

Black Jeans with White Shoes

If you don’t want to experiment with your shoes, you can pick white shoes to go with black jeans and skip all the reds, pinks, and yellows. White shoes go well with almost everything and are pretty easy to accessorize.

You probably already have a white pair of shoes, but in case you don’t, get yourself one now. Besides being stylish, white shoes are versatile and can be worn almost anywhere.


Best Shoe Colors for White/Cream Jeans

Although white jeans are quite stylish, most men keep away from wearing them because they find them hard to style. But I think white jeans are versatile and can be styled in so many different ways.

Knowing what shoe color to wear with white jeans is the first step to styling them. With white or cream jeans, most shoe colors will look fine, though I recommend avoiding light and pastel colors. Instead, pair white jeans with dark-colored shoes, such as black, navy, dark brown, or dark green.

You can also opt for white sneakers if you want to go all white. While white jeans are appropriate throughout the year, they look best during summer. Wear your summer shoes, such as canvas loafers, suede loafers, or deck shoes, to finish your summer look.

Jeans ColorPreferable Shoe ColorsPreferable Shoe Styles
Blue JeansBlue, Black, or Dark Brown shoes.
Bright-colored sneakers
Shiny leather or faux leather shoes.
Sneakers, loafers, brogues, combat boots, hiking boots
Dark or Raw Denim JeansNeutral colors like whites, polished black, dark brown, grey, or dark blue.
Dark colors like black, brown, green, or burgundy.
Suede or leather boots like moc-toe or hiking boots.
Dress shoes and casual shoes.
Medium-Light or Mid-Wash JeansLight-to-medium brown, beige, burnt or bright orange, white, black, or light grey shoesLeather sneakers, suede desert boots, and bluchers
Lighter or Stonewashed JeansLight colors like beige, white, tan, and light brown
Dark colors like navy, purple and red shoes.
Leather boots and desert boots.
Sneakers, converse shoes, suede runners, and suede loafers
Black JeansTan/nude, brown, red, pink, yellow, and white shoes.Loafers, Derby shoes, desert boots, Chelsea boots.
White/Cream JeansDark colors include black, navy, brown, or dark green shoes.
White sneakers
Canvas loafers, suede loafers, or deck shoes.
Preferable Shoe Colors and Styles for Jeans

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