How Much Should I Spend on My Shoes? 10 Tips.

Shoes How Much To Spend

I tend to try to find the best deal on the shoes that I can. If you’re worried about money, you are likely to find a shoe that will work for you within your budget. I’ve also found that shoes that are similar type have similar product materials, although the workmanship may differ.

You should spend enough money to get what you really need without compromising. Shopping at three internet stores for the same shoe will give you a good idea of what price to expect. Going to a physical store will give you more information that can help with your decision.

My experience has shown me that when I buy brand-name shoes, they usually give me my money’s worth. We’ll talk about what to look for in a quality shoe if you decide to buy off-brand shoes and how to buy the shoe that is best for you.

1. Set Your Budget

Establishing a budget will help you know the price range of the shoe you can afford.

Remember that shoes can fall into two categories. Necessary expenses or discretionary expenses. If you need shoes for work, but don’t have the kind required by your company, then you need these shoes.

If you want a running shoe but don’t have any, this expense isn’t necessary for the needs of your home or business. It will help with your health, so it may seem necessary.

Decide if it’s a need and if not.  Do you have money left over to pay for the shoes after paying for all the necessities and bills?

How much do you owe?

If you have credit card debt where you own money and have no savings, you’re in unsecured debt. This doesn’t mean you can’t buy those shoes you want, but it does mean you need to proceed with caution.

If you have debt, most financial advisers will tell you to pay off your debt before getting into more debt. It makes sense because you won’t have to pay all those fees and interest payments that just create more debt.

Pay off debt first, and only buy shoes for necessity, even if you love them.

How much are a good pair of shoes that I want?

Shop around and determine the cost of the shoe type you’re looking for. Be flexible with cost and brand. Search two to three stores and find out prices for the shoe you want.

If your set on a certain brand and model, get a couple of prices to determine what costs will be.

Gather your money.

If you have savings in the bank, you’ll need to see if you have enough for the shoe you want. If you do, determine if the money is allocated to use for discretionary use.

Save a little each month if you need to. (Amazon Link) For birthdays and gift-giving holidays remember to let people know of your intention to buy shoes.

Bank accounts are great at helping you set aside money without thinking. Get some help from your bank to set aside a little money from your paycheck to put into a discretionary funds account.

Then you can dip into it any time and if you don’t have any money in the account, you can stay debt-free by taking the approach that if you don’t have the money in your discretionary account, you can’t buy anything.

You can set your budget for any amount, but remember it might take a while to save with good financial decision-making.

2. Declutter Your Shoe Collection

One way to earn money and determine if you really need a new pair of shoes is to look at the shoes you already have.

If you have more than you need, get rid of some by selling them or donating them. If your shoes have little to no wear, then you’ll do well to sell them. Use craigslist or an app on your phone like Letgo or Facebook Marketplace.

Maybe you have the shoes you need already, but they needed something to function well. Take a little effort to get them in working condition for your needs.

After decluttering your shoes, you’ll have more room for new shoes and possibly more money to buy them with. If you have extra money, you might decide to expand your budget and get an even better shoe than you originally planned for.

Don’t forget to organize your shoes, (Amazon Link) so they can stay useful at any time.

3. Measure Your Feet

To prevent spending more money than you need to, get your feet measured accurately every 5-10 years. Your feet change a bit over time, and it will be helpful to determine all the measurements of your foot at present.

Check your feet for arch type and any conditions, like bunions, that may affect the shoe type you need.

You’ll want shoes that fit well and getting the right size will aid your foot health. You won’t have to spend more money later getting foot surgery caused by shoes that contort your feet.

You’ll spend less getting new shoes because you didn’t try to keep tight-fitting shoes and then couldn’t return them or didn’t have the time.

To get the most for your money, go into a shoe store and ask to get your foot measured. Ask about how to determining if the shoe is too tight.

You can also measure your foot at home by taking off your shoes and socks and standing on a piece of white paper. Trace around your foot as accurately as possible and then measure across the widest part of your foot and the longest part. (See Video)

Remember some shoe stores are going to try to sell you shoes you may not need or are not right for you. Trust that you know what’s best for your foot and your wallet.

4. Do Research

Find out if the shoe is the one your really looking for. Spend at least 10 minutes of research to find out about the shoes you are about the buy. Look at at least two websites to get all the details so you know what you’re getting.

Going to the shoe’s brand name website is usually a good idea for all the details. Going to is usually a good idea for reviews. Spend at least 5 minutes looking at reviews and seeing what others are saying about these shoes.

Possibly the best research to try on the shoes and evaluate them for yourself. You can go to the store and try them on or buy them online and return them if needed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shoe Stores and Buying Online

Going to the Store

  • Same day purchase. Short wait time.
  • Try before you buy.
  • Get help with measuring feet.
  • Time and energy going to the store.
  • May or may not cost more.
  • It may be more convenient to return.
  • Can use cash to help you spend less.

Buying Online

  • Will take several days to arrive.
  • The convenience of delivery to your home.
  • May not get the correct size the first time.
  • Can shop for the cheapest price.
  • Need to repack shoes to return by mail.
  • Using a credit card may make it easier to spend more.

Check Out Materials

Once you find the shoes you like and have had a chance to look at them. To get your money’s worth, check for quality build and materials used.

Things to look for in a quality shoe are the soles and the glue or stitching that holds the sole to the shoe. If the stitching or glue seems like it’s coming undone, return the shoes or don’t buy them.

Check to see if the material is man-made material upper or leather. Check the label inside the shoe. Make sure you know what care is needed for this type of material and are willing to take care of it to make it worth your while.

Quality leather shoes usually require regular care and are built to last for longer periods. It will usually look better longer.

Regular care of man-made materials will also help your shoe look nice for longer periods as well. (See article for more information)

Brand-name shoes will likely have a good life span with regular care. If you’re looking for a bargain you might find two shoes made with the same materials, but the brand name costs more.

You’ll need to ask the shoe salesperson for more information about the shoe similarities and differences.

You should spend enough money to get a shoe that meets your needs and wants, keeping in mind that some shoes are going to last longer and may have better materials.

4. How Will You Use Your Shoes?

The purchase price of your shoes may depend on how you use your shoes. Getting shoes for a wedding, you only use once can enable you to pick several options. Here are some of the choices you can make.

Short Term Use

If you plan on using your shoes only a couple of times, consider getting a cheaper shoe. This rule varies depending on what you’re using your shoes for.

Some activities will require quality shoes, just because low-quality shoes can lead to unnecessary suffering, such as a week-long backpacking trip with cheap shoes.

When going to a wedding, and you’re expected to wear white shoes, a cheap pair might be your best option. Another option is to use them once and return them, as long as they’re in good condition.

Long Term Use

Longer-term use shoes require a bit more time and money to buy. If you know you’ll be using your shoes more, invest more so you’ll get a shoe that lasts and works effectively.

Work shoes or exercise shoes that you’re using daily will need to be well built and be able to take the punishment of daily use.

Taking the time to do more research and find the right fit will pay off over time. Spend a bit more on these types of shoes to get your money’s worth.

Make a List of Attribute Your Looking for

One way to narrow down your options is to determine what qualities your shoes need to have, so it works for you.

List some of the attributes you’re looking for in a shoe and choose at least two shoes with most of the attributes you’re looking for.

Try on both shoes and select the shoe that has the most important qualities you’re looking for.

You should see a range of prices for the shoes with the attributes you’ve selected. Take time to select the best one for you. The more time you spend researching you more likely you’ll know the price you should spend on your shoes.

5. Go Online and in Store

You never know when a shoe will go on sale and sometimes stores will not have an advertisement for a discount sale.

Check both online and physical stores to get the best deals. It might be best to set a time limit for the purchase, even if you don’t get the best deal. Your time has value too.

The more stores you visit the more chance you’ll have to find the best deal. The best option is usually to visit 5 or more online stores for the same shoe. Google shopping tab and are good resources, but not always the best deal.

Make sure to buy at trusted stores so your transaction and returns go smoothly.

One Year Old Shoes

Buying last year’s model is a good way to save money. They are still effective at doing their job and are at a discounted price.

Be aware that shoes that remain in warehouses (5-7 years) for too long start to show signs of deterioration and loss of adhesion of glues used in the shoe.


Always check the review of the store and of the shoes that you’re looking at, to get helpful information.

Reviews are some of the best resources for practical information about how a type of shoe works for most people in real-life situations.

You’ll see how shoe size may change from shoe to shoe, even though they state they are the same size. People will explain about shoe comfort levels and desirable qualities that the shoes have.

You can look for keywords as you search by pushing Ctrl F on the keyboard. Type in the attributes that interest you to see what others have found out.

I’ve found that I often buy or look elsewhere depending on reviews. It helps me determine what I’m willing to pay for a product and if it’s worth it.

6. Use coupon resources

Sometimes using coupons makes sense. Once in a while when I shop on I come across a product that is cheaper on another site.

Just like shopping online at many stores, automatic coupons can help you find a better deal.

Coupon Browser Add-ons

The coupon add-ons that I use on my Chrome web browser are Capital One Shopping and BeFrugal. It is fairly easy for me to use these add-ons and once in a while, it pays off to use them.

Sometimes when I am on Capital One Shopping, I get a popup for a product that I am searching for. It shows the Amazon price and the Capital One Shopping price.

Be aware that the prices are not always accurately portrayed and may not show all the variables that affect the price.

What I do is see what the check-out price is with taxes and shipping on Amazon and see what it is on the site Capital One Shopping sends me to. Most of the time it makes sense to buy on because it is cheaper or the price is similar and I have free shipping from Amazon.

Once in a while, the total price is better somewhere else, so then I will buy it at that online store.

To use either Befrugal or Capital One Shopping add-on, just click the icon located in the upper right corner of your Chrome Web Browser and type in the product you’re looking for. Or you can just go to their web page at and Capital One Shopping


If you get the newspaper, look for offers from stores. Shoe stores will have sales with coupons at times, and larger department stores offer coupons for a percentage of the total price of your purchase.

Be aware that not all sales are going to get you the best price, even with all the discounts. But the convenience of the store may be worth your time to go to the store and see if they have the shoes that fit your criteria.

The price you should spend on your shoes depends on your patience and finding a good deal or when you determine your deadline is for buying your shoes.

7. Discount Shopping

I often use craigslist and Facebook marketplace to sell items I have. Once in a while I will find a great deal on an item I am looking for.

I find Craigslist is the simplest way to sell, but Facebook seems to make me feel more comfortable buying and selling because you can often see the profile of the people who are selling and buying products around where you live.

To buy shoes on Facebook marketplace I would log in to Facebook and then go to the marketplace. Then you just need to enter the type of shoes that you’re looking for in the search bar.

Make sure you are typing in the search bar just below the Facebook search bar. Usually, you’ll find many used items depending on your location. Once in a while, someone will be selling a new pair of shoes.

After you click on the picture of the shoes you’re interested in, you’ll see more details and the name of the person selling the shoes. You can click on the name to get more information on the seller.

This gives me a better sense of who I am dealing with. If the profile is new and they don’t have any friends, avoid buying from them just in case they’re not being honest.

Sanitize Them

If you do buy shoes from someone on Facebook you’ll need to make sure you sanitize the shoes. You can do this in several ways.

You can hand wash your shoes or put them in the washing machine. Another method is to put them in a bath of rubbing alcohol. Finally, you can use a mix of vinegar and water to clean and deodorize your shoes. (See wikiHow for more information)

Try Craigslist

It’s relatively easy to post and buy shoes on Craigslist and it’s free. As with all transactions between parties, be aware that buying shoes from a private party is usually safe but not always.

Follow these safety rules to ensure you have a good experience.

  • Insist on a public meeting place like a cafe, bank, or shopping center.
  • Do not meet in a secluded place, or invite strangers into your home.
  • Be especially careful buying/selling high-value items.
  • Tell a friend or family member where you’re going.
  • Take your cell phone along if you have one.
  • Consider having a friend accompany you.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • (Craigslist Safety Rules Link)

You’ll need to start by creating an account if you want to sell something and list a posting. To buy something, you don’t need to do anything except type in the search bar what item you’re looking for.

There are different locations you’ll see at the top of the craigslist page. Make sure you’re in the correct location to find the closest deals.


I have also used an app on my phone to buy items call Letgo (I believe it now called Offerup). This is another option if the first two don’t get you the results that you’re looking for.

You can download the app and look for shoes in your area. It’s fairly simple to use and you’ll need to remember to follow the safety rules just like Craigslist explains.

After you’ve found what individual people are selling their shoes for, you will better be able to determine if buying new shoes or used shoes is best for you.

9. Negotiate the Price

Stores are run by people and people are always willing to budge in certain circumstances. Stores want to get rid of inventory and replace it with new products.

There are some ways to negotiate prices with store managers if you do it the right way.

  1. Get to know the store employees and manager. If you’re in the store once a month anyway, start talking to the employees of the store and be friendly. Ask honest questions about things you would like to know about. Just be yourself, but your friendliest self.
  2. If you are a regular buyer of shoes, ask about making a deal with the manager for discounts. They will likely not be able to make great deals unless you really are buying a lot of shoes regularly. Ask in a friendly upfront manner and you may be surprised about the outcome.
  3. Find shoes that are missing something, damaged, or marked up and ask if you can get a discount. Remember no one likes a bossy costumer, even if the customer is always right. Some employees and managers will give you a discount, not because you ask for it, but because you were being an honest and friendly person. Pushy costumers might get less cooperative and less helpful employees.
  4. Offer to send in customers to get a discount. This might sound like a strange way to negotiate, but this type of offering occurs in many places. Ask if the store offers a customer referral program. If not ask if they are will to give any incentive for costumers who bring in customers.
  5. To determine what you should pay at a store make sure you know what the competition is offering and ask if the store will price match offer from prices found in other places. The store will usually want some proof of price, so have that handy so you can get the price you want.

Sometimes stores also offer a discount for students, military, veterans, and seniors. Ask if they offer any discounts for certain types of customers.

You can find deals at an individual store that will help you determine the amount you should spend.

10. A Healthy Shoe is a Good Shoe

One of the main focus areas you’ll want to consider is your health. Shoes have an impact on your foot and joint health over time. You may have walked in a pair of shoes at the mall or an amusement park and felt very uncomfortable in the shoes you wore.

Your discomfort may come from not having stood in line for long periods or your shoes may not support your feet well. Healthy shoes correctly support your feet and have enough flexibility for the natural range of motion (Amazon Link) your feet need.

Work and Exercise

If the shoe you’re purchasing will be used for work or exercise, consider getting a healthy shoe for your foot, and make looks a secondary goal.

Get a shoe that supports your arch type and doesn’t contort your foot. Ensure it fits snugly but not too tight that it rubs any part of your foot.

When you stand for long periods in a shoe, your shoes are acting as a support system for all the joints in your feet, legs, and backs. Although not all joints are affected the same, if you have unhealthy shoes, your body or joints will eventually tell you there’s a problem.

Unhealthy Shoes Cause Issues

The problems that occur with unhealthy shoes are joint pain, back pain, bunions, corns, plantar fasciitis, and other issues. Everything gets thrown out of alignment while walking too long on the wrong shoes.

Healthy feet need support, either by developing your own foot and leg muscles or getting arch and foot support that correctly aligns your foot and therefore your joints.

Look for shoes that have a wider toe box so your toes aren’t squished and misaligned. After determining your arch type, you can get correct support by checking to see if the shoe meets your needs. You may need to get orthotic support inserts for arches.

If you’re buying a healthy shoe, then you can spend more because you’re solving and stopping potential problems in the future. Spend whatever is needed to ensure the proper fit and support, especially for work and exercise shoes.

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Should I buy the latest shoe style?

Buying the latest shoes style will likely include the latest iteration of a shoe that is popular. They can include better materials, and technologies, but may also have issues. You’ll likely be safe with a shoe model that has been in operation for more than a couple of years.

How do I get shoes that will fit well?

Going to a store that only sells shoes is one of your best bets for getting a good fit for your foot. The employees will likely be able to help you get a good fitting shoe and give you advice about your foot type.


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