Nike Shoes for Healthcare Workers

Nike Shoes for healthcare workers

Last year, Nike wanted to make a shoe designed for healthcare workers and all first responders. To do this, the shoes they designed were initially tested out by nurses to make sure the shoes were up to the task. The result was the Nike Air Zoom Pulse.

Designed like an athletic shoe, but without laces, the shoe is more like a traditional shoe you would wear as a nurse, medical personal, or first responder who are on their feet a lot. 

The Nike Air Zoom Pulse works well for healthcare workers because it has a comfortable sole, without laces, and is easy to get on and off your foot for when you’re ready to go and when you’re tired. 

I know as a former teacher, as I stood on my feet all day, I was glad to get home and take off my shoes and relax for the evening. I didn’t always have the best shoes for standing though and can see the benefits of having a shoe specifically designed for healthcare workers.

What is the Nike Air Zoom Pulse?

Nike is also offering a 20% discount for first responders on the Nike Air Zoom Pulse, and the process to get the discount is very simple. Most first responders qualify for a discount on this shoe from Nike.

If your the kind of person who needs a simple shoe that’s easy to wear and takes care of you’re in luck. The Pulse has some impressive features that many of those on the front lines will appreciate.

Some of the details below will give you details about how this shoe can be helpful for healthcare workers and why you might want to use them as you work in your profession. 

  • The Nike Air Zoom Pulse is a shoe designed with healthcare workers in mind. The shoe is for those on their feet for up to 12 hours or more at a time who need a shoe that can support them that entire time. Nike wanted to put out a product that was used by healthcare professionals to make sure it would work for them.  
  • This is not a sneaker. There are no laces, so it’s easy to get on and off. You don’t have to be worried about it coming untied while you’re running around all day.  
  • The sole of the Nike Air Zoom Pulse is rubber with a flexible midsole and a Zoom Air heel. The shoe is extremely cushioned and meant to not have any uncomfortable spots.  
  • Traction was a focus when designing this shoe, and they are built to be as non-slip as a shoe can come.  
  • The Nike Air Zoom Pulse was tested out by nurses before being put on the market, so it is proven to withstand the tough working conditions of healthcare workers in positions where they are on their feet for long hours. 
  • Made out of a fabric that is durable and easy to clean, so unexpected messes won’t be an issue to take care of. You never know what can be thrown at you in a day as a healthcare worker.  
  • It comes in three different color styles including all black, black with a white sole, and white with pink trim. The soles have a healthcare symbol on the bottom, as well as a tag on the side of the shoe, with a small Nike swoosh.  
  • Support is that of a traditional shoe you would wear for a long shift. This shoe is built to support the natural motion of walking even after walking for hours on end. 

How Do I Get the Medical/First Responder Discount?

nike discount

If you decide to purchase these shoes, you can go to the Nike website and they are currently offering a discount for medical workers and first responders.   

Nike Air Zoom Pulse currently retails for $120 online at the Nike store. As a healthcare worker, you receive a discount of 20% on each pair that you buy upon approval for a discount. Here are the steps to take to get your discount:

  • 1. First you’ll need to go to this page at the online Nike store. Find the shoe that interests you and then get verified. (
  • 2. Next, you need to verify your status with SheerID by completing the form to show documentation that you are a healthcare worker ( If you’re a first responder then you fill out similar information on SheerID (
    • Documentation must be an official document with your name and current medical license.
  • 3. Last, once you’re verified, Nike will give you a code. You can now go back to the shoe you wanted and purchase it using your code.  

  • Most first responders are eligible such as:
    • Doctors, nurses, technicians, medical researchers, EMTs, firefighters, and law enforcement.  
  • The discount can be used four times with a new discount code each time.
  • You have two weeks to use the discount code once you receive it to purchase the Nike Air Zoom Pulse shoes.
  • Verification should happen very quickly, and you’ll be able to use your discount code right away.
  • The discount can only be used for online purchases

Nike Air Zoom Pulse News

If you want to find the latest information about Nike Air Zoom Pulse, visit Last year Nike released a line of custom-designed Air Zoom Pulse to “benefits innovative healthcare advances at OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.” 

Children from the hospital helped design some great-looking shoes to help the hospital. Maybe in the future, Nike will have some of these designs or others like them available for purchase again.

Let’s take a look and see what the designs look like and what we might expect in the future from Nike with this shoe. We might expect to see more of these designs in the future, bases on customer interest and Nike’s vision to help the healthcare worker segment of the population.  


Hopefully, Nike will continue with their goal to help healthcare workers and the children in the hospitals these workers serve by adding new designs and giving the proceeds to those in need.


Here’s a review of the Nike Air Zoom Pulse. This nurse has tried them for about 1 month. She gives some of the pros and cons of these shoes. 

To sum it up, this is an excellent shoe choice for healthcare workers. Nike wants to thank first responders with an increased discount on the shoes and makes the process very easy.

 You can get approved in minutes and purchase the shoes right online. The design and style are made to help you stay on your feet all day, and the fabric is easy to clean for unexpected messes.

The Nike Air Zoom Pulse was tested by nurses, and this shoe was up to the task. If you work in healthcare, get yourself a pair of Nike Air Zoom Pulse today.

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