What Is An Exercise Subscription Box? [Is It A Good Gift?]

I love to exercise and have the equipment to do it at home, but I have never thought about a subscription box to help with my exercise. However, I realized that a subscription box for fitness is helpful for me in many ways, and among them is to keep me motivated. But are they really worth it?

The exercise subscription box contains handpicked materials and fitness accessories, such as guides, foods, clothing, etc., that are curated for any fitness enthusiast. An exercise subscription box is a helpful idea for you or your friend and for anyone interested in a healthy lifestyle.

Here Are Some Of The Exercise Subscription Boxes I Recommend:

FabFitFun / JackedPack / Barbella Box / Muscle Box / Do a Shot of Yoga

Fitness subscription boxes are becoming quite popular nowadays, and each subscription is focused on every kind of workout. I’ll discuss more about what an exercise subscription box is and give some of the list based on my experience. I feel most fitness goers would find this helpful as a good gift idea.

What Is An Exercise Subscription Box?

In reference to findsubscriptionboxes.com, an exercise subscription box, like any subscription box, is a niche product that is part of a marketing strategy by means of product distribution through delivery. Other niche products of subscription boxes are outdoor gear, fitness, food, grooming, and others.

These are usually delivered to a subscribed customer. Depending on the subscription, the subscription boxes can be delivered once or twice a month. The subscription option usually lasts for 3, 6, or 12 months; sometimes, there’s a discount depending on the subscription.

What’s inside the subscription box is usually a mix of sample-sized and full-sized products. Most of these consist of clothing, tumblers, workout guides, food, and other products depending on the subscription type you subscribed to.

The prices below are current as of the time of writing this article, but prices may change over time.

Why An Exercise Subscription Box Is A Good Gift Idea

  • A Perfect Gift For Any Fitness Enthusiast — I’m a subscriber myself and I can tell it’s a worthwhile experience. To be honest, my exercise subscription box was just a gift from a friend. And I think it’s a perfect gift for me and especially for those who are into fitness but don’t have any workout programs, guides, or accessories for workouts.
  • It Contains Exclusive Content Workout And Other Perks — Also, thanks to fitness subscriptions, I have enough accessories and workout plans when hitting the gym or when I’m working out at home. Some fitness subscription box has perks that let you access their exclusive content like videos, programs, and diet guides, depending on the type of subscription.
  • It’s an alternative option for gym subscriptions. I don’t need to sign up for gym subscriptions, which tend to be priced higher compared to subscription boxes. However, the difference is that you can have workout equipment plus other perks when you subscribe to the gym. While the subscription box only has limited perks but contains exclusive content.
  • You Can Do Workouts From Home — Another reason why an exercise subscription box is a good gift idea is that some include workout materials, meal plan diets, and access to their websites for more content that’s exclusive for members only. However, most exercise subscription boxes are self-paced and your only trainers are the videos.

If you are curious about the exercise subscription box and whether it’s worth a try for yourself or maybe a good gift idea, I can help you give some background based on my experience. I have listed some of them and given my thoughts on each just to give you an idea in no particular order.

FabFitFun Subscription Box

Credit: FabFitFun

I think the FabFitFun is one of the most popular fitness subscription boxes. They ship their products to their subscribers on a quarterly basis. I haven’t experienced using this but from what I believe, it’s mainly for women who are both into fitness and fashion hence the name.

She said that it’s a worthwhile subscription box; the products are of good quality, and you get to unlock their exclusive membership content. Depending on the subscriber’s option, you’ll get a box for $50 each, or the annual plan, which is around $180. You’ll also get to fully customize your box.

Each FabFitFun box consists of eight to 10 products valued at $200, although the price you’ll only pay is around $50. What’s inside the box are tech items, workout bags, décor, home equipment, fashion, and more. There are also other perks and exclusive discounts for subscribers.

If you’re interested in more details, you can visit their website: FabFitFun.com.

JackedPack Subscription Box

Credit: JackedPack

Another quite popular fitness subscription box is JackedPack. It’s specifically designed for fitness enthusiasts such as weightlifters, bodybuilders, and others.  When you subscribe to JackedPack, you will receive at least 7 to 10 supplement sample products.

If you are into supplements and like to try out new supplement samples, I believe this is helpful to most people who work out and use food supplements. I think I’ll try this when I’m hitting the gym because they are a good complementary supplement for my workout program.

The supplements are not randomly shipped to the customer but are customized according to the customer’s flavor preferences and fitness goals. The subscription starts at $11.25 per month with some perks and gift options depending on the subscription option. They are shipped within the United States only.

If JackedPack might interest you as part of your fitness goals, you can go to their website and see more details at JackedPack.com.

Barbella Box Subscription

Credit: Barbella Box

I’ve heard Barbella Box from my friend and they are an exercise subscription box specifically for women who lift weights. The box includes a mix of accessories, snacks, supplements, and fitness gear. It’s usually for heavy workouts such as CrossFit and weight lifting.

It also has items such as lifting belts, knee sleeves, tank tops, and more. You get to select your preferred sports clothing and other items you want in your subscription box. The Barbella Box ships monthly at the end of the month.

Depending on your subscription option, you’ll receive 3 boxes for around $50, which can be billed every month, quarterly, or annually. Upon subscribing, you can either cancel, pause, or auto-renew your subscription anytime.

If you want to know more about this exercise subscription box, I suggest going to their website Barbella Box

Muscle Box Subscription

Credit: Muscle Box

As a fitness enthusiast, I’ve come across the Muscle Box. I feel that this Muscle Box subscription is among the fitness subscriptions I would try because it’s specifically tailored for gym-goers. If you’re looking for fitness products for your workouts, I suggest trying subscribing to Muscle Box.

It’s also fully customizable depending on your fitness goals and item preferences. The Muscle Box has different customization options to choose from. These are the Miss Muscle Box or the Original Muscle Box. The content of the box depends on their monthly theme, such as lower body workouts.

Like most fitness subscription boxes, this also comes with items that are for workouts, such as snacks, clothes, supplements, and even workout equipment. Their subscription box is suited for both men and women. You can also choose an all-protein-based snack option which is Protein Box.

If you have plenty of time to go to the gym and need a challenge in your fitness journey, I think this might be very useful for you.

To learn more about Muscle Box subscriptions and further details, check out their website Muscle Box.

Do a Shot of Yoga Subscription

For those who are trying out yoga workouts, you might want to Do a Shot of Yoga Subscription. Given that the Yoga subscription box often caters to women, this subscription box is kind of unique because they are gender-neutral, which is also good for men as well.

Do a Shot Yoga also offers a monthly yoga challenge and a book club and includes other lifestyle items related to Yoga. Just like Muscle Box, each of their boxes depends on their monthly theme, which is a book of the month, and there’s also a 10-day yoga workout challenge.

I like this because their guides are extremely useful and work for me. You might want to try the Do a Shot of Yoga subscription box if you want to learn about yoga, whether you need a routine or a structure or deepen your yoga practice.

They also have a community in the Facebook group where you can meet other subscribers to discuss everything about yoga and the community itself and ask for advice on yoga workouts.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Do a Shot of Yoga Subscription Box, I can direct you to their website, which is Do a Shot of Yoga.

Frequently Asked Questions For Exercise Subscription Box

How Many Items Does Subscription Box Have?

Usually, the subscription box contains 4 to 10 products and it varies depending on the type of subscription box. In this case, the exercise subscription box contains assorted items that are related to fitness or workout.

These items include snack bars, workout guides, sports clothing, supplements, small gear, and equipment.

How Often Does Subscription Box Ships Out?

It depends on your subscription option. Usually, subscription boxes are delivered to the subscriber once a month. However, some subscription boxes are sent out twice. You can have a subscription box delivered to you every month within 3, 6, or 12 months depending on your subscription option.

Are Exercise Subscription Boxes Good For Workouts?

In my experience, exercise subscription boxes have been useful to me in every type of workout, whether it’s for running, jogging, gym workouts, or home workouts; they make me stay motivated. Also, they are helpful because you don’t have to buy snacks and workout gear in the store.

With an exercise subscription box, you can have a fitness supply that is custom fit to your workout goals. Plus, it’s a good gift idea for any fitness enthusiast like myself.

Can Exercise Subscription Boxes Be Cancelled?

I believe that most exercise subscription boxes can be canceled at any time. However, some don’t depend on the company’s terms and conditions. It can also be refunded, especially if you have already paid in advance.

But I think it’s best to check their website’s frequently asked questions to know more about the cancellation policy.

Final Thoughts

I believe that an exercise subscription box is a good if not the best, gift idea for any fitness enthusiast because it comes with a box full of surprises that will be useful in their workout and fitness plans.

Because it contains fitness-related items such as healthy snack bars, sports bottles, sports clothing, and other sportswear, you also get to open different guides and training videos that are exclusive to subscribers only.

Exercise subscription boxes can also help you stay motivated because some boxes contain different workout challenges or diet plan challenges which are good for staying in shape. Hopefully, you’ll find this article helpful.

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