5 Cheap Flip Flops – For Everyday Use

Flip Flops

I am always using flip-flops around the house to go outside and do various activities. I’m usually wearing them for short periods and just need something to keep my feet a bit more protected. They make a very convenient way to get things done without having to put on my shoes.

The use of a cheap flip flop is helpful when taking out the trash, walking over rough areas, going outside for short periods, relaxing outside, and when water is involved. Flip flops are easy to take off, lightweight, and easy to store away. Having a pair for use around the house can be very helpful.

When I went out today, I used my flip-flops to get some bird food I had left in my car the other day. They slipped on fast, I got my birdseed, and they came off as fast after I got inside the house. While I didn’t really need them, I did want to keep my feet dry, since the ground was still wet from the rain.   

Cheap But Not Too Cheap

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The dollar store where I live has flip-flops and I have purchased a couple over the years from them. They work fine for a while, but they just don’t last. 

The flip flops are made of a thin foam sole and a plastic strap the hold your foot in. These can work well with limited use, and when you are careful when walking. They are not very durable though, and I have broken several pairs. Either the foam starts to crack where the straps are attached or the straps pull out. 

I’ve found that getting a pair of cheap flip flops works well, but the materials and build have to be better. Then they work for years with use a little each month. The fabric used on the strap and multi-layered soles usually indicates a better quality product and tends to feel more comfortable too.

You will find various qualities of flip flops; so look at the build, materials, and customer reviews to get the best one for your budget and style.  

Cheaper materials and build tend to not last long.

cheaper quality flip flops

Better quality materials and built to last longer.

cheap but quality sandals

How Will You Use Them 

If you go in the water all the time with your flip-flops, you may want to choose foam and rubber strapped flip-flops. They will dry quickly and you don’t have to worry about cleaning them off. 

If you want something to wear while walking around the beach and short walks around town, you’ll want to look for something with arch support, decent cushioning, and comfortable straps.

If you just need them for random activities around the house for protection for your feet, then you might be fine with any flip flop as long as it’s not too cheap.

Before You Buy   

Be aware that if your going out on the town and will be walking and standing for a while, some flip flops are going to start causing so many issues.

Look at this list to decide on which issues to avoid:

  • Some flip flops don’t have enough cushioning
  • Some have straps that start to rub against the skin.
  • Some stay wet for long periods, so water is out of the question for long walks.
  • Some start to fall off your feet quite often.
  • Some can get dirty easier than other.
Sandals vs flip flop.

If you are going to be walking for longer distances, you probably want to buy a sandal. Sandals are similar to flip flops (article), but most sandals have a heel strap to secure the foot to the ankle. Sandals may also be made with arch support and are made to be walked in for longer distances.

 5 Cheap Flip Flops to Consider


Crocs Crocband Flip Flop

  • Most people really like these flip-flops for their quality build and comfort. 
  • They are contoured for foot comfort and have traction for better grip.
  • These are good for water and the beach. 

Amazon Essentials Women’s Band Flip Flop Sandal

  • These walking flip-flops have foam padding and a rubber sole. 
  • They are built well, and people like to use them for walking and say they are comfortable.
  • Some say they run small in size. 


FUNKYMONKEY Women’s Comfort Slides Double Buckle Adjustable EVA Flat Sandals

  • These contoured shoes can provide good comfort with their soft EVA soles. 
  • Good for water and come with some grip on their sole. 
  • Costumers say they are good to walk in. May run large and smell funny. 

FANTURE Mens Flip Flops Arch Support Sandals Indoor and Outdoor Slipper

  • These contoured flip-flops provide arch support. They have a rubber sole and foam midsole for comfort. 
  • They have a comfortable strap and should dry fairly quickly when wet. 

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Mat Flip-Flop

  • These contoured flip-flops have a neoprene lining on the strap for comfort.
  • They have a rubber sole and a foam midsole.
  • The footbed is designed with yoga mat material. 
  • Most like these some, but some wish they were a bit more comfortable.

When Not to Wear Flip Flops

If you want to wear flip-flops all the time because they are so comfortable, think again. Doctors are finding that people who wear their flip flops too much are having foot problems (article). 

I usually wear them for short periods and when I am around the water. They feel nice to wear and are very convenient to slip on and off. Most of the time they are fine to wear, but when people use them as regular shoes, they start to have problem (article). 

Sometimes the best way to get healthy feet is to walk barefoot (article). As long as you are in a safe environment for walking, walking barefoot helps strengthen your foot (article). It can help you get a good foundation for proper bone alignment and muscle development with the help of a doctor if you already have foot issues.


When looking for flip flops, you are likely to find some good cheap ones or some that are on sale. It’s a good idea to find good quality cheap flip-flops so you can enjoy them for years to come. If you look around you will be able to find flip-flops for the specific goals that you have.  

Whether your car going to the beach or just staying at home, flip flops are helpful to have and they don’t have to be expensive to still work great for your needs. You’re sure to find the ones that suit your style and needs with a bit of searching. Then you can enjoy them for a long time to come.  


I enjoy many types of outdoor activities including running, hiking, and walking. I was a former elementary school teacher for 17 years and now enjoy writing and sharing my love of the outdoors.

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