Swim Fins for Wide Feet

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Swimming fins are designed for swimmers to make their kick more powerful, improve ankle flexibility, increase their kick tempo, and make swimmers move through the water faster. 

However, those with wide feet often have difficulty finding the right size swim fins that fit their feet correctly.

Swim fin companies don’t make fins specifically for wide feet, but many still work well. I did some research to find swim fins that customers say work well on their wide feet. The following is a list of those fins:

  1. FINIS Long Floating Fins for Swimming and Snorkeling
  2. Greatever Snorkel Fins
  3. Capas Snorkel Fins
  4. Tyr Stryker Silicone Swim Fin
  5. Speedo Switchblade Fins
  6. Atphfety Smart Short Blade Swim Fins
  7. Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Training Fins
  8. Cressi Palau Snorkeling Fin
  9. U.S. Divers Proflex Snorkel Fins
  10. Promate Wave Snorkeling Open Heel Fins

Swim fins come in a wide range of styles varying in material, stiffness, length, and heel design, making them an attractive piece of swim equipment.

How to Choose Swim Fins?

How to Choose Swim Fins_

Picking your pair of swim fins might seem an easy task for you; however, it requires some research and thought.

If you want to make the most out of your swim fins and do not want your feet to get bruised, then here is all you need to know about choosing your swim fins.

  1. Length of the Fins: One of the most important things you need to consider when choosing a swim fin is the fin’s length. 
    • You might have noticed that all swim fins look the same, but they can function very differently. Shorter fins are usually for training and longer for snorkeling and diving.  
  2. Open Heel vs. Closed Heel: In the past, all swim fins designed for swimmers had closed heels. However, nowadays, we see fins that have an open heel.
    • While choosing your swim fins, you must think you want open heel swim fins or closed heels. I much prefer the open-heel swim fins because they provide a fuller range of motion.   
  3. Stiffness of the Fins: Another essential thing you need to consider when buying a new pair of swim fins is stiffness, or how rigid they are. I would recommend you to check the stiffness of the fins yourself before buying. But remember, the stiffer the fins are, the harder your muscles work.
  4. Silicone vs. Rubber: Swim fins are made of different materials. While choosing your swim fins, you need to consider which material you prefer to buy. I would prefer silicone fins over rubber fins, as they may cause fewer blisters if you’re using your fins for long periods or have tight fins.
  5. Sock Or Not To Sock: Last but not least, is to check whether you would need water socks with your swim fins or not. Sometimes it becomes difficult to swim if you get a blister when using your fins. 
    • To combat this issue, I would suggest you use water socks to mitigate some of the rubbings. Nowadays, different types of socks are available exclusively for this purpose. I would recommend getting yourself a pair of socks if you are using rigid fins. 

Are There Wide Swim Fins?

Are There Wide Swim Fins_

It is often challenging to know the fins’ correct size as the fins’ sizes may be different from shoe size. Therefore, I would recommend wearing them in the water test with the fin to know your accurate size.

Most women are not bothered by size issues, as there are several options available for them in fins. The majority of the Companies build fins using male sizes, and women get equivalent in the sizing charts. Thus 90% of women get fit into fins without any discomfort. I suggest if you have wider feet, go for one size up than your actual size if the reviews don’t say anything about wide feet.  

Fin’s Sizes

Swim fins do not come in wide sizes; instead, they are available in shoe sizes. Swim fins will usually fit an average foot size or a men’s D shoe. 

In shoe sizes, a narrow foot would be a C and a wider foot would be a size E. So if you have E or a multiple of EEEs, your foot may not fit as well as a D. You may face a relatively tough time finding snorkeling fins for yourself if your size is an E-width; hence the recommendation is to size up the fin.

You can always get a water sock to help any loose-fitting fin. Getting an open-heel fin can also help you customize your fit if your fin is a bit too big.

Fin Materials

Fins are made from a variety of materials, e.g., rubbers, plastics, and foams. Depending upon the material, the fin can be flexible, soft, hard, firm, or rigid. I always suggest trying flexible fins if you are a beginner, firmer fins can be quite a bit of a workout.

Open Vs. Closed Heel

Closed and open heels are two designs among the fin users. 

Close heel-designed fins allow for wider feet at times. Closed heel fins have no straps and are like a slip-on shoe. You can wear them with swim socks, or barefoot, but they are more comfortable with swim socks.

On the other hand, the open heel fins can be worn similarly with or without swim socks when snorkeling. They are also known as barefoot fins. 

The straps of these fins are crucial because they help people with wider feet slip into the fin better. Comparatively, the open heel fins may feel softer than closed heel fins due to the design and possibly due to the material they are made of.

10 Swim Fins to Choose For Wide Feet

If you have wide feet and want to find compatible swim fins, here is a list of the 10 best swim fins for wide feet based on customer reviews.

  1. FINIS Long Floating Fins for Swimming and Snorkeling


FINIS Long Floating Fins for Swimming and Snorkeling aren’t made for wide feet but I included them because they have great reviews. 

They are color-coded by size. You have to check the size chart before buying one for yourself. If you have wide feet, I suggest you buy these fins in a larger size, which should fit you well.

FINIS Long Floating Fins for Swimming and Snorkeling are made of natural rubber, making them comfortable and flexible. They are made to stretch and flex, so you probably really enjoy these if you have wide feet.

  1. Greatever Snorkel Fins  


Greatever Snorkel is an open heel fin containing adjustable straps allowing you to swap between multiple sizes and foot types. Therefore, it works for some people with wide feet.

You can also share it with your family, wearing dive booties or neoprene socks.

The Greatever Snorkel Fins have an open toe and flame-shaped mesh design that makes them more breathable and reduces resistance in the water. These swim fins are constructed using TPR, a special type of lightweight, durable, and tear-resistant rubber.

  1. Capas Snorkel Fins


CAPAS Snorkel Fins are another open-heeled swims fins. These fins are adjustable and can accommodate many feet sizes, including wide feet.

According to customer’s reviews on this product, it has been that they tend to fit most people with wide feet.

CAPAS Snorkel fins can also be shared with your family and friends having similar foot sizes little adjustments.

These fins are designed to be compact and are lightweight to carry around. It can be heavily bent due to its blade design; this flexibility makes it perfect for a smoother experience.

If you want to wear them with dive booties, consider ordering a size up. However, some people wear them barefoot because their soft rubber is gentle on the feet.

  1. Tyr Stryker Silicone Swim Fin


Tyr Stryker Silicone Swim Fins are made of silicone, which may intrigue you to try them out if you have wide feet. I can tell you that these fins won’t dig into your feet in any way. These fins do not have any sharp edges, and they are super easy to get on and off.

If you have wider feet, this is your perfect pair of swim fins as they fit nicely. They aren’t super tight or loose. The only concern is that if you have narrow feet go for something else as they might be too loose for you.

  1. Speedo Switchblade Fins


Speedo Switchblade Fins are made of 100% natural rubber. These fins have a 10º blade angle, which gives you the utmost stability and engagement during the kick cycle. Its extended foot pocket gives you extreme comfort.

Speedo Switchblade Fins tend to fit most people with wide feet; all you need to do is size up. These fins will give you enough flexibility to stretch out your ankles and will help you strengthen your kicking.

  1. Atphfety Smart Short Blade Swim Fins


Atphfety Smart Show Blade Swim Fins for Training Swimming and Snorkeling are made of TPR, making them soft, flexible, lightweight, and durable. These fins have a short blade that helps you in leg strengthening, improving kick mechanics and efficiency.

After looking at multiple online stores and customer reviews, I found that these swim fins seem to work for people with wide feet. These swim fins are available in different sizes from XXS to XL. But if you do not know your size, I suggest you measure your foot length before buying.

  1. Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Training Fins

Speedo Unisex-Adult Swim Training Fins are ideal for swimming and snorkeling as they are made of rubber. It features orthopedic foot pockets making them comfortable for long-term wear.

These fins are available in different sizes and tend to fit most people with wide feet.

  1. Cressi Palau Snorkeling Fin  


Cressi Palau Snorkeling fins are short fins; still, they can produce lots of power. These are light fins and can be easily worn with any underwater shoes.

These fins are adjustable between four sizes and can accommodate many types of underwater footwear. These swim fins can also be shared with your family members and friends.

Cressi Palau Snorkeling fin’s buckles do not rely on buttons; rather, it can be easily and securely tighten through crank-ridges. You can easily do this underwater, which makes them ideal for people with wide feet.

  1. U.S. Divers Proflex Snorkel Fins


U.S. Divers 244800 Proflex Fx Diving Snorkel Underwater Swim Fins are super soft, comfortable, and compact for traveling.

You can use these fins barefoot, once you set your size; they can be easily put on and off without unclipping them. These fins have an adjustable strap for the perfect fit, which makes them fit for most people with wide feet.

  1. Promate Wave Snorkeling Open Heel Fins


Promate Wave Snorkeling has a unique design as its openings are near the edges of the fin blade. Its most important feature is an open foot, strap adjustable fitting.

This feature makes it advantageous, allowing it to be flexible in regard to sizing. Therefore, they tend to fit most people with wide feet.

Promate Wave Snorkeling fins are very lightweight specially designed for ease of travel. It is made of soft rubber and comes in different colors, making it ideal for children.

What to do if Your Fins Don’t Fit?

Swim Fins Don't Fit

Fins sizes matter a lot. Fins need to be of the right size. By the right size, I mean they should be big enough to for your feet and tight enough to stay underwater. If your swim fins are too big, they will fall off as soon as you start swimming. But if they are too small, your feet will blister, and also, putting them on is a challenge in itself. Therefore, it is very important to buy the exact size that fits your feet well.

However, there are times when one doesn’t know their exact size and thus brings the wrong size fins. In such cases, I am here to help you!

So if you have got swim fins that are too small for your size, the first thing you need to do is return them and get yourself the right size fins. If you cannot return them, I would suggest buy a new pair. Because your feet are much more valuable than some dollars!

If you cannot return them, I would suggest selling them and buying a new pair. Your feet are much more valuable than the pain and discomfort of wearing the wrong size.

One way to help you get the right size is to buy adjustable fins. Open heel fins have adjustment straps so you can give your feet a bit more room if needed.

The other way to insure a good fit may be to go one size up. First you should read the reviews and see how they fit on those with wide feet. If you find no review, check how loose or tight they feel on customers feet. Then you can make an educated guess about how well they will fit you. 

You can always wear a pair of swim socks or even swim shoes if the size is too big, once you buy a size up.

Good luck with your search and I hope you find fins that work well on your feet.

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