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Shoe Grip Spray

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If you’ve ever been somewhere with a slippery floor, you know how easy it is for some shoes to slip. While there are few grip sprays specifically for shoe soles, many grip sprays work well to help with temporary shoe soles grip. These sprays can help you walk on slippery surfaces better. 

These sprays are easy to use and are very useful for short-term grip, to help to prevent slips when your shoe soles have lost their gripping power. 

Slippery surfaces can involve anything from basketball courts to tile floors. Shoe grip sprays work by providing a thin layer of film that grips surfaces. It lasts until it wears off (5 min. -1 hour +) to provide better shoe grip and may help you perform sports activities better. 

In this article, we will discuss 6 grip sprays that can also help with shoe soles on slippery surfaces. Here are my top 5 choices for shoe sole grip sprays:

  1. Cramer Anti-Slip Spray
  2. Performance Grip Basket Ball Pack Multi
  3. Mueller Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer, Aerosol
  4. Plasti Dip Clear Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating Aerosol
  5. Mueller Magic Grip 3
  6. Grip Spritz – (I Tried This One)

Let’s discuss the qualities and characteristics of these products in detail.

1. Cramer Anti-Slip Spray

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03/11/2024 10:06 am GMT

Cramer Anti-Slip Spray is a very useful spray that is even though not made specifically for shoe soles, it works as an excellent adhesive for pretty much all kinds of slippery surfaces. Cramer Anti-Slip Spray can be made for a variety of purposes in a variety of contexts. Cramer-Anti Slip Spray is excellent for the following contexts.


Cramer Anti-slip sprays can be used in many kinds of sports; you don’t necessarily have to use the spray for a shoe sole; you can use the spray on your hands for playing sports that require walking on or touching slippery surfaces.

Cramer Anti-Slip Sprays can be used in a variety of sports, such as football, basketball, table tennis, and golf. Using Cramer Anti-Slip Spray reduces the risk of Slip and fall accidents and, therefore, greatly reduces the chances of acquiring an injury when playing sports.

Using the spray can be an excellent tool along with the rest of your shoe kit for whatever sport you are playing.

Weightlifting And Exercise

Cramer Anti-Slip Sprays can be sprayed on hands when working with exercise equipment such as dumbbells and barbells; in summer, the sweat tends to make the equipment slippery and hard to grab on; due to this reason, not only is exercise productivity inhibited but also the risk of a heavyweight slipping and falling on someone increases.

To avoid slipping during workouts with heavyweights, you can use the Cramer Anti-Slip sprays. Using Cramer Anti-Slip Sprays is a great option to ensure your shoe sole grip in the gym.

Along with weightlifting, the sprays are also good for gymnastics and pole fitness. Hence, by using the Cramer Anti-Slip spray, you can create a safe environment around you whenever you work out.


Cramer Anti-Slip Sprays may also be good to be used for shoes when you run on slippery surfaces as a part of a marathon or just jogging for personal fitness. The sport of football requires a lot of running; by using Cramer Anti-Slip Spray, you may slip less.

2. Performance Grip Basketball Pack

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03/11/2024 10:06 am GMT


Performance Grip Basketball pack is specifically made to be used in sports shoes such as basketball. They provide a nice option for people who frequently play basketball and reduce the risks of slipping by enhancing grip.

Performance Grip Basketball Pack has the following qualities:

Non-Corrosive and Eco-Friendly

One of the best qualities of Performance Grip is that it is not toxic or corrosive to the skin and your pets. It is a safer spray to use and is greatly eco-friendly; you can easily use the product and clean it after you finish the activity.

Prolongs the Life Of Your Shoes

No matter how durable your shoes are, they tend to lose their effectiveness with time as the sticky materials stuck on the soles collect debris and dust and dry out your shoes. Using the spray on them helps to keep your shoes in good shape and free from dryness, as Performance Grip cleans your shoes from dust.

3. Mueller Stickum Spray Grip Enhancer

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03/11/2024 03:57 am GMT

Mueller stickum spray is another product designed to enhance gripping strength and can be applied on hands and shoe soles whilst performing various activities such as running, playing sports, and working out with heavyweights.

The spray works by forming a tacky surface on the surface area and thus enhancing the gripping potential of the surface on which the spray is applied. Mueller Stickum Sprays work best for:


Mueller Stickum Spray is a great tool to be used in sports such as basketball, tennis, golf, football, running, and jogging. The spray reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents by creating a strong grip.


Mueller stickum can be either directly applied to hands or gloves to create a strong grip. This allows the consumer to carry out the exercise without having to worry about slipping and botching the heavyweight.

4. Plasti Dip Rubber Coating Aerosol

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03/11/2024 03:37 am GMT

Plasti Dip is made specifically for rubber surfaces, which, by extension, also includes all kinds of shoes. Plasti Dip is very convenient and easy to use and not only helps you maintain a strong grip but also saves your rubber equipment from various kinds of toxicity and damage.

Plasti Dip has the following qualities:

Very Convenient and Easy to Use

One of the best qualities of Plasti Dip is that it is very easy to use. It can easily be applied to both new and old equipment and can be conveniently peeled off when the removal or application of a new surface is needed.

The peeling part is very easy and can be done whenever you want to. It can be applied to most surfaces and perform just as well on all of those surfaces. This allows you to efficiently apply the coating on your equipment when you need it and get rid of it when you have finished the activity.

Protects Your Equipment From Various Damages

Plasti Dip is a great spray not just because it provides strength and firmness but also because it protects your products from various kinds of damage. The coating of Plasti Dip is moisture-resistant, acid-resistant, resistant to abrasions, and corrosion-resistant.

The resistant qualities of Plasti Dip keep your rubber items, such as the soles of shoes and gloves, new and fresh; it also helps you prolong the life of your rubber products so they last longer.

Along with resistance to chemical damage, the coating also protects from electric shocks and vibrations.

Comfortable Grip

Along with being easy to apply and remove, the spray is also very comfortable to use. The spray provides a non-skid and comfortable grip, which makes it safe to use when working out or running.

The coating of the grip remains stretchy and flexible in all weather and does not become brittle to break apart when used in extreme weather conditions.

5. Mueller Magic Grip

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Mueller Magic Grip is a very easy-to-use grip-enhancing spray that is specifically made to be used in sports and is frequently used by athletes in professional environments to ensure their safety during the sport. Mueller Magic Grip has the following qualities.

Moisture and Sweat-resistant

What makes Mueller sprays one of the best is their resistant qualities towards moisture, such as water and sweat; since the sprays are made specifically to be frequently used by athletes in professional environments, these aspects are taken into consideration.

During the workout, sweat tends to accumulate in the sports gear, and it quickly depletes the shoe’s effectiveness and life of the sports gear, such as gloves and shoes. With the application of Mueller Magic Grip, the life of these sports equipment can be prolonged, and their effectiveness can be improved.

Along with that, the spray is a great way to keep your sports gear safe, and this is the reason why these sprays are used in high school athletics and professional athletics.

Easy to Use

Mueller Magic Sprays are very easy to use and can be easily removed with water or soap when their work is over. The grip remains firm and can be easily applied either directly on your hands or the gloves and soles of the shoe.

Used by Professionals Athletes

There can be no greater reassurance than the fact that Mueller Magic Grip sprays are used by professional athletes in most professional leagues. Due to the ease of use of Mueller Magic Grip spray, they are in great demand in professional spheres such as NCAA, and this only adds an aspect of authenticity to Mueller Magic Grip sprays.

6. Grip Spritz

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03/10/2024 10:26 pm GMT

I recently tried Grip Spritz (09/21), and it worked really well. The owner sent me a bottle to try for myself and test it out. I tried on two different shoe types. My church shoes have a partial rubber outsole, and my running shoes have a full rubber outsole.

I tested my shoes before I wore them to see how much grip they had on my kitchen floor. Then I sprayed the contents of the bottle on a clean cloth and wiped the bottom of my shoes.

The results were very clear: The Grip Sprits spay helped the rubber on both my church shoes and running shoes grip the floor much better than before.

grip spritz


The mixture is made of a non-toxic mixture that is clear and has no apparent smell. If you shake the bottle a little, bubbles will form at the top.

It comes out clear and easily sprays a wide surface pretty well. The bottle I received was 2oz. and the amount needed to clean a pair of shoes wasn’t too much. I estimate it could last 25-50 times, depending on how much you use.


Ease Of Use

It was fairly easy to use; you just need a clean cloth, paper towel, or maybe even a napkin, and it could work in a pinch when cleaning the bottom of your shoes.

Because of the size, it can fit in your pocket or purse easily and replace the cap it came with to prevent unwanted spraying during transportation.

Where Can I Get It?

Grip Spritz is also available at the website They sell the 2oz. bottles or a kit that can be used for an entire team to clean their shoes. Grip Spritz individual spray was $12.99, and the Grip Spritz Traction System for the entire team was priced at $89.95 at the time of writing this article.


It’s helpful to use a good grip spray to ensure that you have a grip when walking or playing sports where slipping may occur. Shoe grip sprays are available for those who want to help enhance their grip and also tend to work on shoe soles for better grip as well. 

If you need something to help with shoe sole grip, these sprays can give you a good short-term solution for shoe grip. They can help you extend the usefulness of your shoes until you get a new pair or if you want an extra edge each time you go play your next game of basketball. 

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