Run Without Earbuds Falling Out

Run Without Earbuds Falling out

All of us might have faced issues regarding earbuds falling out of our ears while running, walking, jogging, dancing, biking, or skateboarding.

To run without earbuds falling out, we need to secure the earbuds or buy earbuds made for running. The reason earbuds fall out may be because of the design of our ears, as some do not comfortably accept earbuds. Or it could be the design of the earbud itself. 

In this article, we will see different ways and DIY techniques how to stop earbuds from falling out of your ears while running.

Why Do Earbuds Fall Out?

There are multiple reasons why earbuds fall out of your ears. Sometimes, it might happen because of your ears’ shape and sometimes because of the earbuds’ design. Let’s discuss in detail and find out the other possible reasons behind earbuds falling out.

  1. Ear Shape
ear shape

Ear shape varies from person to person in terms of size and shape. Some people’s ears cannot catch the earbuds properly and firmly; rather, they fall out of their ears.

If you are one of them, you might feel uncomfortable wearing them, or in some cases, you won’t be able to wear them at all. Later on, we’ll talk about what to do if you have small ears. 

  1. Earbud Design
Earbud Design

Earbuds are manufactured by different brands and companies with their own designs and sizes. These designs and sizes differ from one style to another. They make a mistake by assuming that each type could come in one size and fit in all kinds of ears. 

Some of them know that it’s not true, so they come up with additional sizes of rubber or silicone attachment tips. These tips are available in the boxes, and you can use whichever you feel most comfortable with.

  1. Distance Between Ears To Jaw
Distance Between Ears To Jaw

The temporomandibular joint is settled on both sides of your skull. These joints are responsible for things like chewing, swallowing, and talking. 

Your ears basically lie behind these joints, so when your jaw moves, it temporarily changes your ear canal’s shape. This phenomenon depends on your ears’ distance to your jaw, which results in pushing the earbuds out.

  1. Lack Of Ear Cartilage Syndrome
Lack Of Ear Cartilage

Ear cartilage is supposed to surround the earbuds. Still, some people have ear cartilage deficiency, which may cause the earbuds to fall out of their ears.

  1. Wax Inside Ear Canal
Wax Inside Ear Canal

Some people have the habit of cleaning their ears with cotton swabs, which may push extra wax towards the eardrums. This excess wax causes the ear canal to become oily and creates a slippery condition, so the earbuds fall out.

Later, we’ll discuss how you can clean your ears the safe way and get your earbuds to stay in better.

Keep Apple Airpods from Falling Out

Twisting Your Airpod

Twist your Apple Airpods

This is an old tip but a good one. The majority of people put the Airpod in their ears with the stem pointing down. If you are following this pattern, you may have had your AirPods come loose and eventually slip out.

A simple trick to stop them from falling out is to place the Airpods stems forward and twist them up around 30 degrees. 

In this way, the stem will be in a horizontal position, making it stick out away from your ears. This trick works for some people, but you should definitely give it a try to check out if it works for you or not.

Attach Waterproof Tape

Attach Waterproof Tape to airpods

Another cool DIY method for keeping your Airpod in your ears is to attach the waterproof tape to your Airpod. First, you need to cut out circular pieces of waterproof tape using a regular hole punch.

Stick a circular piece of tape near the top and bottom of the AirPods. It is essential to position the tape close to where it sticks in your ear. Insert the AirPods in your ears and try your regular exercise or walk. You may see that they remain in your ears and don’t fall out.

5 Best Ways to Prevent Earbuds from Falling Out

Here are the 5 best ways to prevent earbuds from falling out of your ears while running.

  1. Wear Earbuds The Right Way
earbud wires behind ears (2)

Many people wear earbuds in a common way, inserting them directly into the ears. But wearing earbuds directly in the ears may not create a firm and tight fit, especially when they have a long cord connected to your phone or other media device. 

The long cord can create downward pressure on the earbuds because the cord is pulling on them.

To resolve this issue, you need to loop the cord around your ears, and then insert the earbuds. In this way, your earbuds will stay steadily fixed in your ears because that cord allows the ears to carry the cable tension.

earbud with twist tie

The next step to help the earbuds from coming loose is to use a twist tie or other device to clamp the wires together about 8 inches from the earbuds. 

  1. Avoid Cotton Swabs for Ear Cleaning
Cleaning ears so earbuds stay in

If you feel like your earbuds have recently started falling out, and it wasn’t happening earlier, you may have a buildup of earwax. This is because you are probably cleaning your ears with cotton swabs, which pushes the extra wax into your ear canal. Thus preventing your earbuds from fitting in properly and making them fall out.

Removing ear wax with cotton swabs is not recommended at all as it can cause blockage of ear wax inside your ear canal.

If you need to dry out your ears, you could use a dry ear syringe (AD) to blow out the air from the ear. If you are a swimmer or always get water stuck in your ears after a shower, this device can help you safely remove water from your ears. It can also help prevent ear infections if water is commonly stuck in your ears.  

If you need to clean the wax out of your ears, a water-squirting syringe or bulb ear syringe (AD) can help. These are soft and can both push water slowly into the ear to loosen up wax and can be used to suck water out. However, caution should be used when applying water or suction to ensure gentle cleaning.

  1. Use Behind Neck Earbuds Style
behind the neck running earbuds

Another way to stop earbuds from falling out is to use behind-the-neck earbuds. This is an optimal solution when you intend to buy new earbuds for running.

There are several types and styles of earbuds specially designed for running and sports, so you can look for the kind that fits you best. The behind-the-neck style is the type that sits on the neck and has wires that go to the earbuds in your ears.

soundpeats earbuds

I personally use these whenever I go running. I like these Soundpeats headphones (AD) because they have earbuds with rubber prongs that help keep the earbuds in place, they have good connectivity and long battery life. The only thing that I don’t like it when I jog laps at the gym; they sometimes slide a bit as I turn the corner and sometimes want to come off my neck.   

The dedicated base ring you put around your neck can sometimes have a long battery life. This gives walkers and runners the advantage of listening to music for long periods and talking on the cell phone for an extended time. 

Since these units don’t apply any pressure on the cords, earbuds tend to stay in well. I usually jog for 30 minutes and don’t even notice they are in my ears. 

  1. Use Earbuds With Hooks
Earbuds With Hooks

If you want to buy a new pair of earbuds that do not fall out from your ears while running, then go for the ones that are specially designed for that purpose.( i.e. sports earbuds type)

These earbuds have built-in hooks that can easily and comfortably fit on your ears. These hooks wrap around your ears and are often used by those who exercise and do other sports.

Just make sure not to separate the wires too much. Otherwise, the earbuds could start to loosen as you jog with the repeated foot strikes on the ground. 

  1. Use Special Earbuds For Small Ears
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Even after doing everything possible, you still may not be able to keep your earbuds from falling out. You may have smaller ear canals and need small earbuds. Therefore, you need to buy a pair of earbuds that are designed specifically for smaller ears.

Women tend to have smaller ears, so if earbuds don’t normally fit you, you’ll need to buy ones that are open-ear designed. You can also get earbuds that include smaller earbud tips.

If you look on, you can find these earbuds (AD) and others made for smaller ears. 

5 DIY Tricks to Keep Earbuds in Place

  1. DIY Conversion Of Earbuds To Over-The-Ear Wraps
Over The Ear Twist Ties

If your earbuds do not stay in your ears, then here is a simple DIY technique to solve the issue of them falling out of your ears. To do this, you’ll need to use a couple of twist-ties

  • To begin the project get some twist ties. Get thicker twist ties if you can find them. If not, try twisting two of them together to strengthen their hold.
  • I started with a 5-inch twist tie and wrapped it loosely around the wire twice
  • Then I hooked the wire over my ear with a bit showing at the top. 
  • I slide down the twist tie until it wraps under my ear. 
  • This felt mostly secure. 

Now, earbuds won’t fall out of your ears, or at least not as much as before.

It might not be a long-term solution, but it will help you instantly continue running. Later on, you can try some other tricks or hacks.

  1. Wear an Ear Warmer, Headband, Bandana, or Beanie
Wear an Ear Warmer, Headband, Bandana, or Beanies

This is a fairly easy solution, although it might not be practical in all weather conditions. This DIY technique involves finding something that is tight enough to ensure your earbuds stay in place.

Wearing one of these items over your earbuds should do the trick, although you may need to adjust it to fit properly. Your earbuds cords won’t be pulled out easily now. 

A bandana and headband are great for the summer, and an ear warmer and beanie would be comfortable and easy to use during winter.

For best results for ear warmers, try to use the classic style that will hold the earbuds safely inside your ears. This hack is useful when you have some of these pieces of clothing at home.

  1. Stretching Your Ear
Stretch Ear so Earbuds will fit

Here is another simple and easy DIY that can solve your issue and make your day. This hack is useful when your earbuds have foam, silicone, or rubber tips. Sometimes, the fit of your tips isn’t quite working. Some light pressure on your tragus may help.

All you need to do is stretch your tragus forward and gently insert your earbud. Alternatively, pulling on your earlobe gently with one hand may also help open your ear canal a bit better and allow your earbuds to fit well.

After you insert your earbuds, gently release your earlobe. See how it feels. If it’s too tight, you should try another method that won’t cause irritation. Your earbud should conform to the shape of your ear cavity, not the other way around.

  1. Use A Cord Clamp 
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Another easy DIY solution you can try is to use a clamp/clip to attach the wires to your shirt. Some earbuds come with them, but you can also buy them separately. If you go to this link and watch the video, you can see how it is done. 

When you attach the clip to your shirt, it will lessen the pressure on your earbuds, and it will prevent them from falling out from your ears with every jerk during running. It’s an easy and extremely beneficial technique that can solve your issue.

  1. Extra Earbuds Attachments
earbud attachments

You can try out the extra rubber or silicone attachment tips if they come in your earbuds box. You can try different sizes of earbud tips and find out which one best fits your ear shape and size. 

If you do not get any in the box, you can buy them separately. Another useful tip is to choose foam tips instead of silicone and rubber, as some believe they are more secure and hold much better in your ears.

 3 Earbuds That Stay In Place

You may consider having a couple of wireless earbuds due to several reasons. A decent pair of earbuds is necessary, especially when going to the gym, driving, or relaxing out in the sun and just enjoying the day.

Bluetooth earbuds are usually designed so that they have a good grip on your ears, so you get excellent sound quality. They are generally less expensive than Bluetooth earphones.

It may be hard to decide which earbuds are best for you. There are many choices available. Here are some you might want to check out because they stay in your ears well.

1. ROVKING Wired Over Ear Sport Earbuds (AD)

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Rovking earbuds are ones that remain firm in your ears and are comfortable. They are designed to block external noises. 

I am personally interested in these earphones because of how they fit in the ear. They are smaller in size, so you may put them in your ear without stretching your ear. 

What makes them stand out is that they can easily fit in an average small ear without any hassle. They will remain in your ears without any inconvenience during long-running sessions.

These earphones are available in four different sizes to guarantee a custom fit, setting the ear to convey deep and detached sounds. These earphones fix easily and remain in-ear during walking, running, weight lifting, or other physical activity because of bendability over the ear loops and ergonomic earbud design. There is no need to stop your exercise to refix the earbuds.

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These earphones don’t drop out from your ear while exercising. They don’t fall off from the ear even if you have a sweating issue while exercising.. 

Yurbuds are designed ergonomically to maintain a safe distance from nerve-rich areas of the ear. These earphones are prepared with elastic silicone; yurbuds are ultra-delicate and comfy for a long time.

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These Bluetooth earphones are good quality and available at a reasonable cost. They are comfortable and able to remain well secured in the ears. They are available in 3 sizes of earpiece buds so that you can choose the most suitable size that works for you.

There will be no need to stress on the earbuds, so falling out at the gym or during exercise won’t be a problem.

It is a very Lightweight Design. You will feel as if you are wearing nothing on your ears during exercise time.

The ergonomic structure is made for wearing comfort to suit your energetic lifestyle. It can be used for walking, running, cycling, camping, hiking, exercising, and other areas.

When to Buy New Earbuds

When to Buy New Earbuds

Earphones are a necessity, especially when media is on a gadget that you carry everywhere with you. There is a possibility that you may experience wear and tear after some time. How do you know when to upgrade the earphones?

  1. They distort at high volumes.

You must not play music at crazy volumes while using your earphones because it will hurt the ears. If you like loud music, you’ll need to have earphones that can handle more power and not distort. If your earphones sound good at low levels but get worse as you turn the volume up, it’s time to change them.

  1. They don’t fit.

If your earphones continue dropping out of your ears, it truly doesn’t make a difference in how incredible they sound. You’ll enjoy it only if they remain fixed in your ears.

  1. They have wires.

 It is very frustrating to untangle a knotted cord. If you have wired headphones, you have to use something to help organize them. Wireless earphones are available, and it can be nice to upgrade to them so you don’t need to worry about the cords.

  1. You work out.

Most earphones merely are not intended for exercising. You may have to buy a new set of earphones that are made to stay in the ear while exercising.

  1. They make your ears hurt.

If you have utilized noise-blocking earphones during a long flight, you may realize that they are putting pressure on your ears and making them feel uncomfortable. If they are too tight and can’t be adjusted, you may want to consider changing them. 

The earphones I used to wear hurt my ears after an hour, so I’d need to take them off after getting a new pair of more flexible earphones, which solved my problem.

Last Tips to Consider –

Some earbuds are not anatomically made, so they easily slip out from some ears. It’s a good idea to invest the time into finding a good pair of earbuds that fit well. You may end up spending more money, but they will fit much better.

Consider getting earbuds that are more anatomically made or that have tabs that help earbuds stay in. Good-fitting earbuds sometimes have gel tips that easily fit in the human ear.

The tips can be made of silicon, which helps in minimizing ear exhaustion. They can also offer good noise isolation for better music listening and quieting down your surroundings.

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