How Long Does It Take Shoes to Dry? [How To Dry Shoes Fast]

How Long Does It Take Shoes to Dry

If you are a regular runner or traveler (like me), you might also have wondered, “How Long Does It Take Shoes To dry?” Since I was searching for the same answer, I thought I’d do some research and ask my mates.

The time it takes to dry your shoes varies depending on several factors, such as shoe material, how wet they are, the ambient temperature, and the method you follow. This list shows how long it will take for various methods:

  1. Dry Your Shoes in A Dryer (20-25 minutes)
  2. Dry Your Shoes with A Fan (2-3 hours)
  3. Dry Your Shoes Using Newspapers (8-12 hours)
  4. Dry Your Shoes Using A Shoe Dryer (20-25 minutes)
  5. Dry Your Shoes Using A Refrigerator (Overnight)
  6. Dry Your Shoes with Rice (2-3 hours)

Your shoes can get wet because of rain, stepping in puddles, or simply because you want to wash them. In any case, you’ll need to completely dry them before stepping on them again. So let’s find out how.

How Long Does It Take Shoes to Dry? 

This question is difficult to answer because the drying time for shoes is not fixed. Since it depends on different factors such as the material of the shoes, how wet they are, and the method you follow. Drying your shoes may take as little as 20 minutes or as long as a whole night.

The best way to dry your shoes is to let them air dry, but you have to dry them in a shady spot to improve the airflow. But air-drying your shoes will take you approximately one day. The exact time may vary depending on shoes and the ambient temperature.

However, you can follow some tips to fasten up the drying process:

  • To speed up the drying process (whichever method you are using), always remove the insoles from shoes and untie the shoelaces to dry them separately.
  • The fastest way to dry your shoes is by putting them in the dryer; this may take 20-25 minutes. But I would recommend this for your old running shoes.
  • It may take two hours for your wet shoes to dry if you place them in front of a fan.
  • Filling up your shoes with newspapers to dry them may take you a few more hours.

1.    Dry Your Shoes in A Dryer


Using a dryer is one of the fastest ways to dry your shoes. However, this method may not be appropriate for all types of footwear. Here are a few steps you need to follow while drying your shoes in a machine dryer:

  1. The first step is to examine your shoe to see if you can machine dry it or not. For this, make sure to check the inside of the shoe and examine the shoe’s label.
  2. If the shoe label has a square symbol with a circle, you can machine dry the shoe. But if the shoe label indicates a square symbol with an x inside it, that means you cannot machine dry this shoe.
  3. The second step in examining your shoe is to check the material of the shoe.
  4. If there are no instructions on the label, assume they are not dryer-safe to save them from damage.
  5. I would not recommend machine drying your shoes if they are made with animal-based materials because they are likely to crack.
  6. Also, it’s a good idea to find an alternative method of drying leather shoes or shoes with gel-core inserts. However, you can machine dry your shoes if they are made of nylon, polyester, or cotton.
  7. You can use a drying rack in your dryer for a noise-free drying process, place your shoes side by side, and tie their laces together.
  8. You can do this with a front-loading or top-loading dryer. Tie the shoelaces and close the dryer door while holding the laces. In this way, you can prevent your shoes from falling into the machine when the dryer starts drying.
  9. Adjust the dryer’s setting to air dry if available on the machine. If your machine does not have such a setting, you can set it to the lowest temperature.
  10. Turn on the machine for about twenty to twenty-five minutes and let the shoes dry. Then open the machine’s door carefully and grab the shoelaces to prevent them from falling.
  11. If the shoes are not thoroughly dried, you can rerun the machine to dry them.


  • This method dries your shoes much faster than other methods.


  • You cannot dry all types of shoes in a dryer. For example, shoes made with animal material or leather can get damaged by warm air.

2. Dry Your Shoes With A Fan

Dry Shoes With A Fan

Another method to dry your shoes fast and without damage is to dry them with a fan. For this method, you can use a table fan but make sure the fan is tall enough to cover the length of your shoes. Here are a few steps you need to follow:

  1. First, remove all the dirt from your shoes and clean them thoroughly.
  2. Remove the insoles from the shoes and place them in a dry spot. Next, untie the shoelaces so there is an airflow inside the shoes.
  3. Place a clean towel in front of the fan to catch the water drops as the shoes dry. 
  4. Take an old wire and cut it into two strings, each six inches long, using a wire cutter. Bend each string in a way to make an “s” shape. Ensure that one end has a smaller hook and the other has a larger hook.
  5. Attach the smaller hooks to the fan and keep them 9 inches apart to separate the shoes.
  6. Hang your shoes on the larger hook. 
  7. Make sure the fan air reaches the insides of the shoes and properly ventilate the outside.
  8. Keep the fan running on high for a few hours until your shoes are completely dry.


  • It is an easy and effective method.
  • If you correctly perform each step, you can dry your shoes within an hour.
  • This method works best for leather shoes.
  • However, you can also use this method to dry other clothing items.


  • It is not an effective method for soft shoes or those that have water retention.

3. Dry Your Shoes Using Newspapers

Drying your shoes with newspapers is an easy method that has been around for many years. However, you need to keep some newspapers on hand if you regularly dry your shoes. Papers made from wood pulp or other recyclable materials can quickly absorb water, so I recommend using them instead of regular newspapers. 

Here are a few steps to follow:

  1. First, you must wash your shoes to keep them squeaky clean.
  2. Next, remove the insoles of the shoes and let them air dry. Or you can place them near a fan to dry faster.
  3. Third, remove the shoelaces and let the shoes breathe.
  4. Finally, get the old newspapers and tear them up into small pieces.
  5. Ball them up and stuff them in your shoes. Stuff the newspaper into the shoe right up to the toe. Make sure to avoid using areas with excess ink that could leave a mark on your shoes. 
  6. Wrap a soft towel or a few newspapers around your shoe to dry the outside area and secure them with a rubber band.
  7. Find a dry, ventilated area and place those shoes indoors and in a dry spot. Do not expose them to direct sunlight. To dry them faster, you can place them by a vent or fan with warm air.
  8. Every few hours, you can replace the newspaper if it becomes wet or mushy. Replace the first set of newspapers in the shoes with a new one. Check the wetness level and add more newspapers as needed. 
  9. Wait for about 8-12 hours since the drying time will vary depending on the moisture in the shoes.


  • Newspapers are highly absorbent, absorbing moisture and odors very well.
  • This method works for most types of shoes.
  • Since it only requires newspapers, it is the easiest method to use.
  • The shoes dry faster this way than if they were simply left out in the open.
  • There is no risk of shrinking shoes using this method. 


  • This method may be ineffective for shoes with a high water retention factor.
  • This method may not properly work if you use ‘hard’ paper.

4. Dry Your Shoes Using A Shoe Dryer

Shoe Dryer

Drying your shoes using a shoe dryer is another quick and effective method. Before using this method, make sure your shoes are clean. If not, you can clean them using a mild detergent and some warm water.

A shoe dryer may seem unnecessary, but it is worth the investment if you frequently deal with wet shoes. It’s a smart appliance that is easy to use and is affordable.

Here are a few steps to dry your shoes using a shoe dryer:

  1. First, remove the insoles and untie the shoelaces of your shoes.
  2. Next, place your wet shoes on the drying tubes. To dry your shoes thoroughly, make sure that the toe is higher than the heel. 
  3. I won’t recommend placing your shoes on the drying tube without anvils because they are made to circulate warm air. 
  4. Also, place your shoes in a way that there should be a 6-inch clearance between them and the base.
  5. Plug the shoe dryer in, and do not block the air vents. This will prevent the shoe dryer from getting enough air circulation.
  6. Keep the shoe dryer away from any heat sources.


  • Drying your shoes is the simplest method since you need to put them on the shoe dryer posts.
  • Various shoe dryers are available with deodorants, scents, and other methods of keeping your shoes smelling fresh.
  • You can dry various boots, shoes, and gloves using a shoe dryer.
  • It can dry your shoes very quickly.


  • It requires a heavy power source to operate.
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5. Dry Your Shoes By Using Your Refrigerator

Dry Shoes using Refrigerator

You can dry your shoes through the refrigerator, but not by putting them inside. Instead, it involves positioning the shoe near the refrigerator’s vent. Most refrigerators have them below the door. 

After every cooling cycle, the vent blows out hot, dry air that can dry your shoes. The intake fan behind the refrigerator will also work the same way if you do not want to put your shoes in front. The fan air draws moisture from your shoes. However, I won’t recommend using this method for leather shoes.

Here are simple steps to use this method:

  1. First, wash your shoes and remove the insoles of wet shoes.
  2. Place your wet shoes in front of the refrigerator’s vent in such a way that the opening of the shoes is towards the vent. In this way, the flowing air will get inside and dry your shoes fast.
  3. If you are drying your shoes at the back, place them facing the fan.
  4. Let them dry overnight.


  • With this method, you can quickly and easily dry your shoes made from cloth material.
  • The warm air allows your shoes to dry faster.


  • This method is not suitable for leather shoes because of the hot air.

6. Dry Your Shoes with Rice

Besides serving as a staple food, rice also has many other uses. For example, dry, uncooked rice is a powerful desiccant and excellent absorbent.

Here are simple steps to dry your shoes with rice:

  1. First, clean your shoes inside out to remove any dirt.
  2. Next, remove the insoles from your shoes.
  3. Next, find a spare pair of socks, fill them with rice, and tie them with rubber bands.
  4. Don’t fill the socks completely; just enough to allow the rice to move inside.
  5. Place the rice socks inside the shoes for 2-3 hours if not soaked.
  6. If your shoes are fully soaked, you should leave them overnight for the rice socks to absorb all moisture.
  7. Take the rice socks out afterward.

You can Dry Your Shoes from Outside with rice by following these steps:

  1. First, take an empty cardboard box or plastic container with a lid.
  2. Fill it with dry, uncooked rice, leaving enough room for your shoes on top.
  3. Next, place your wet shoes on the rice and cover them with the lid.
  4. Rice will absorb moisture from your shoes in a few hours, depending on how wet they are.


  • Rice not only absorbs moisture; it also removes the pungent odor from your shoes. 
  • Rice acts as a powerful desiccant.
  • It also prevents bacterial growth.


Since rice is a seed, this process may take longer to absorb moisture. 

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