Does The Dollar Store Have Shoelaces?

Dollar Stores

I like to go to the dollar store to find great deals. They have lots of fun items to look at and some great deals from time to time. One item that I was surprised to see was one-dollar shoelaces.

Most dollar stores have shoelaces. They usually have basic black, white, and brown shoelaces. Some dollar stores offer different kinds of laces and have different prices, but most are $1. Most of the big box dollar stores will have some type of shoelaces you can buy.

Dollar GeneralYes. They have several different types of shoelaces.
Dollar TreeYes. They have at least 3 types of shoelaces.
Five BelowUnsure. They have a wide selection of footwear.
99¢ Store Yes. They usually have a few basic shoelaces in stock.
Family DollarUnsure. They may have some footwear available.

If you’re looking for a bargain then going to a dollar store can be helpful. For a couple of dollars, you can get the items you are looking for, and sometimes other shoe care-related items as well.

The Dollar Store Has Different Kinds Of Shoelaces

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At most but not all dollar stores, you can find a variety of shoelaces. A fun reason I like to go to the dollar store is that some dollar stores will have limited-time deals on various items they get from other retailers.

There just might be some fancy shoelaces that are good quality and just right for your shoes. But most of the time you will find standard shoelaces in black, white, or tan colors.

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I have found multipacks of shoelaces in black and white colors, and some stores carry different sizes as well.

While searching for shoelaces I have found flat black or white shoelaces with plastic aglets at the ends. These shoelaces tend to work fine as replacement shoelaces and can work with almost any shoe because black and white go well with most colors.

I have found round shoelaces for both dress shoes and workshoes or boots at some dollar stores. Dress shoe shoelaces tend to be small round and a bit more rigid, while the workboot shoelaces tend to be thicker and more rugged.

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Each store may be a bit different depending on the type of dollar store it is. Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree tend to generally have the same products.

99¢ Only Stores tend to have different products more regularly along with their standard items that are always available.

If you go to Five Below, for example, their store can have mostly the same items from store to store, but each store is a bit different and can cater to the local area’s interests and needs.

Buying Dollar Shoelaces In Store And Online

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Buying shoelaces at a dollar store might only cost you $1. If you go online, you can still get some good deals for shoelaces, but it could cost you a lot more depending on your circumstances.

I’ll give some examples of what you can expect when going to various online sites versus going to the store.

  • Dollar General – If I went to this dollar store, I could find shoelaces from $2 to $2.50 (Dollar General link). This store has shoe-related items you can buy online but not shoelaces.
    • With an account, you can buy up to 10 items of a single type for about $4.99 in shipping, regardless of whether it is 1 or 10 items. Once you add a different item, the shipping price goes up.
    • Some dollar stores need to gather products from different places, so the more items you purchase that are different, the higher the shipping costs will likely be.
  • 99¢ Only Stores – When you go to these stores, the price of your shoelaces will likely be $1 from my experience. If you go online to their website you won’t find products available to buy. (99¢ Only Stores link) I feel like this store is my favorite dollar store because they always have something new each time you go there.
    • If you’re lucky, you might find a great deal on some unique shoelaces for your shoes, but these items usually don’t last and you are most likely to find generic shoelaces.
  • Dollar Tree – The Dollar Tree is another fun store to visit. They have a wide selection of items that are generally good quality in my experience. You should be able to find $1 shoelaces here.
    • If you go online to their store, you’ll find that you can only order items in a case of about 24. (Dollar Tree link) This can be great for large groups of people, like a school or classroom, but might not be helpful if you are only buying items for yourself.
  • Five Below – While I don’t know if this dollar store has shoelaces, they do have a variety of footwear. I have been to one of these stores in my local area and they do have a wide variety of items, but I have never seen if they have shoelaces. (Five Below link)
    • On their website, you will see a variety of water shoes as well as some regular shoes. They have flip-flops and sandals on their website.
  • Family Dollar – This store may have shoelaces, although I don’t have a store in my area that I have been to. This store is similar to the other dollar stores, in that it has a good selection of items for all types of needs you might have. (Family Dollar link) On their online store, they have several types of shoes, slippers, and sandals, but they also have no shoelaces online.

Are Dollar Store Shoelace Good Quality?

Shoelaces from the dollar store are fairly normal quality laces, from my experience. Shoelaces tend to be fairly standard across the board if you are buying low-cost shoelaces.

You can expect them to last for a good amount of time but these are not going to be high-quality shoelaces that will resist lots of wear and tear.

Some people like to style the shoelaces in unique ways, and going to the dollar store might be a great option to get shoelaces that look brand new and stylish. (see shoelace hacks article)

Does The Dollar Store Sell Shoe Care Items?

99cent store
Credit – 99¢ Only Store

I have found that the dollar stores that I have been to will carry some shoe care items.

These may include liquid and tin shoe polish, sponge applicators, and possibly other items such as a brush. Some dollar stores may also have shoehorns and insoles for your shoes.

When I went to a dollar store, I bought some liquid polish for my dress shoes. Each store is different but you might find one or more shoe care products at some dollar stores.

Final Thought

Not all dollar stores will have shoelaces, but a majority of them do. These laces can work well if you can find the right size. Just remember to count the number of holes in your shoe or measure your laces to find out which shoelaces to get. (see shoelace size article)

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