Do Insoles Add Height?

Do Insoles Add Height

Whether you’re on the smaller side and want to boost your height or on the taller end of the spectrum and are wary of adding a few extra inches, it’s important to know if the insoles you’re planning to use are going to increase your height.

Do insoles add height? Yes and no. There are height/lift/elevator insoles that are all designed to add height. Standard insoles, however, won’t add any inches to your stature.

In the end, it depends on the type of insole you are using. If you are using one that specifies it’s a height insole, it will increase your height. If, however, you do not have one that mentions any effects on your height, it is probably because it won’t have any.

What Is a Height Insole?

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A height insole is a shoe insert that you can use to artificially increase your height. You slip it into your shoe in place of the original sole (article) for a discreet way to add a few inches to your height.

Height insoles resemble the base of a pump. The toe area is flat, but there is a thick raised heel at the back. The amount of height each insert adds is directly related to how tall the heel is. If you aren’t sure whether the insole you have is a height insole or not, check to see how raised the heel is.

If the insole sits relatively flat and has no noticeable lift to the heel, it will not add any height to you. On the flip side, if you notice that there is an incline to the insole, that insert will increase your height.

Don’t worry, it should be clear on the box and when you look at the insole if it adds height. If you have to think and wonder if it adds height, people would have to scrutinize your height in the same way to notice a difference (provided one even exists).

Height insoles are not elevator shoes. Unlike elevator shoes, height insoles can go in a pair of shoes that you already own. With height insoles, there is no need to go out and buy a whole bunch of new shoes to get a few extra inches. Unless, of course, you want to anyway.

Benefits to Flat Insoles

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Regardless of if they add height or not, all insoles come with some benefits. Insoles can help with all of the following:

  • Providing cushion to shoes
  • Increasing arch support
  • Decreasing back pain
  • Making the “breaking in” process easier or unnoticeable

Comfort and Support

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One common reason people add insoles (raised or not) is to make a shoe more comfortable. If you have a job that requires you to be on your feet all day, it might be worth getting a good pair of supportive and soft insoles.

Insoles are also frequently recommended for people with knee problems or ankle problems because they can help support your arch and thus improve your bone alignment. Even if you don’t have knee or ankle pain, it can be useful to add insoles for this purpose. Arch support makes a shoe easier to wear (article) for long periods of time.

Attention skiers! Consider switching whatever insoles came in your ski boot for ones that you pick out. Skiing is particularly hard on the legs, knees, and feet. Finding a good insole that fits your foot will help make the world’s least comfortable shoes a little better. Definitely do not add height insoles, though! That would be equivalent to trying to ski in heels and would make the ankle an even tighter fit than it already is.

Posture and Back Relief

A good insole will help you carry your body with better posture. It will also provide cushion and lift in the places that need it. As a result, many people discover that their back pain decreases if they use proper insoles.

Breaking-In Your Shoes

break in your shoes

Buying a new pair of shoes, particularly athletic shoes, can be a process. Not only do you have to find the right pair, but you have to mold them to your feet as well. As any runner can tell you, this process can be painful. If, however, you use the same insoles in a shoe, you can expect the sole to feel the same and be comfortable.

This can make the breaking-in process go much faster as you no longer have to worry as much about how that shoe’s support system fits your foot.

Benefits of Height Insoles

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Not only can the right height insole provide all of the benefits listed above, but they also add height. What’s wonderful about height insoles is that they add extra inches without it appearing like you are supplementing your height.

Height insoles tend to add between one to two inches. Many are adjustable, so you will be able to alter whether you have a slight or significant lift for the day.

Insole Tips

When you are buying an insole, comfort is king. Do not spend money on anything you don’t think you will be able to bear for a long stretch of time. Even if the insole has a relatively steep heel, it is important that it be comfortable.

This can make it hard to buy insoles online. Everyone has unique needs for the level of cushion versus support that they need. The height of the arch support varies between each insole and is crucial to remember when trying out a new set of insoles.

An insole with too high an arch will make you feel like you are stepping on a ping-pong ball, while too low a support will defeat the purpose of using one in the first place.

If you are looking at various insoles, all of which feel good on your foot, there are a few other features you should know to look for, too:

  • The material should be anti-microbial to reduce odors
  • A foam tip will make it easier to cut the insole to fit your shoe
  • Some insoles come with a warranty

Considerations for Buying Height Insoles

In addition to all the concerns associated with buying regular insoles, there are a few additional points to consider when getting a height insole,

  • Type of shoe. If you are looking for a height insole, you should also consider what type of shoe that insole is designed for. Some will fit only in shoes with high ankles that block the lift from showing and keep your foot in place.
  • Material of lift. What the lift material is made out of (article) can also play a factor in finding the right insole. Lifts that use air as the primary component will not last as long as those made out of solid materials. The air will compact more quickly, and thus, the height benefit will decrease over time.
  • Adjustability. It is also worth considering if the insole is adjustable. While it might be nice occasionally to have up to two inches of extra height, it is unwise to wear a high heel repeatedly.

This study is one of many to find that prolonged use of high heels can have negative effects on one’s health. Instead of wearing full height every day, it is better to give your feet, ankles, and back a rest for a few days by wearing a low or no-height insole.

Overall, height insoles will still provide the benefits of a standard insole. They can help reduce back pain and support your foot. The health concerns only arise if you wear the highest lifts repeatedly and continuously. Otherwise, it’s all good news, and you can use some insoles to boost your height.

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