How To Make Shoes More Comfortable?

Shoes Comfort

Have you just purchased a new pair of shoes in preparation for a special holiday or event? May it be your best friend’s wedding, your birthday or a company party. The thought of excitement breaks when you are worried if your shoes will be comfortable standing in for a long period.  

To make shoes more comfortable you can break them in beforehand, ensure the fit is snug, wear the right socks, use insoles, gel pads, or heel caps, and buy the correct shoe for the activity that you are doing.

Choosing comfortable shoes will help you enjoy the experiences you participate in. Comfortable shoes can also prevent foot problems such as blisters. If you have shoes that are not so comfortable continue reading for tips on how to make your shoes more comfortable the next time you wear them.

Break-in Shoes For Comfort

Break-In Period

You are probably very excited to wear your new pair of shoes for any occasion or event you will be attending. Mind you that not all shoes that are new will provide you comfort while wearing them. When you plan to go on a trip, a hike, or a party, it is best to wear them first. 

You can wear your pair of shoes in your house first, try to fit them in. You can roam around your home for an hour wearing it. I’ve found that some shoes take up to 2 weeks to break-in.

This way, you can be able to assess what parts of your shoe make you uncomfortable. Identifying the uncomfortable shoe area will give you an idea of what alternatives you can use.

Use Inserts For Shoe Comfort


Wearing beautiful and comfortable shoes will boost your confidence, and security is also one of the factors to consider. To provide your feet with extra protection, support, and comfort, you can use leather or gel inserts. It is best used to avoid slipping, add grips, and relieve shoe discomfort. 

Leather inserts are made from good quality leather, while gel inserts are soft washable thin transparent inserts that will offer support and comfort while wearing shoes. By placing these inserts on your shoes, you put your toes in the right place, relieving them.

These inserts will also add protection from joint pain and shoe friction which can cause blisters and pain. Other than that, it will anchor additional comfort from muscle tension.

Use A Hairdryer To Make Your Shoes Fit Better

Hair Dryer on shoes

You may be experiencing discomfort when your shoes are too tight. To eliminate this dilemma, you can use a hairdryer to eliminate the snug areas that cause pain. You can wear thick socks while wearing your shoes, then use a hair dryer to stretch out the leather. Point the hairdryer to the snug area.

When blow-drying your leather, it is necessary to use low or medium heat to avoid burning or damaging it. Just use the appropriate heat level to stretch the leather (see article) a little bit to provide comfort from the tight areas of the shoes.

After blow-drying, you can use a leather conditioner to add extra protection and care for your shoes.

Freeze Your Shoes To Make Them Fit Better

Shoes In Freezer?

Your non-leather shoes might be tight, which gives you a hard time wearing them, especially when you wear them the whole day. Well, freezing them may help. 

The first thing you need to do is put a partial amount of water in a ziplock or a plastic bag where it can fit inside your shoes. Place your shoes inside the freezer, and make sure that your shoes are clean to avoid contaminating the food inside your freezer.

It would help if you covered them with a plastic or paper pouch. Leave your shoes in the freezer overnight; the magic happens when the water freezes and expands, making your shoe stretch. 

Aside from putting your shoes inside the freezer, you can consider another alternative. If you live in a cold area with freezing temperatures, you can leave your shoes outside. Make sure to put them inside the paper bag before leaving outside, and you need to thaw them before wearing them.

These techniques may seem unusual and uncommon, but they are effective. Not only will it stretch your shoes to provide comfort, but it is also an effective way to kill bacteria that cause shoe odors. After doing these, you will feel comfortable when wearing your shoes. 

Put Baby Powder In Your Shoe For Comfort

Baby Powder

Blisters are one of the factors that may cause discomfort to your feet. To prevent you from frequently experiencing this, you can use baby powder. You can apply baby powder to your shoes the night before you want to wear them. You can also put some powder on your feet before wearing the shoes.  

Baby powders are used to provide comfort and absorb moisture in your feet and keep them away from having foot odor. Moreover, it will give an extra fresh scent to your feet. 

Consider Pedicure Treatment For More Comfortable Fit


You may assume that shoe discomfort comes from uncomfortable shoes. However, you may forget to notice and consider your own feet. Calluses and ingrown long toenails can also cause pain while wearing shoes. 

To prevent discomfort while wearing your shoes, you need to ensure that your toenails are properly cut. If you have calluses, you can soak them in warm and soapy waters to soften them. You can apply petroleum jelly overnight to moisturize your feet and prevent them from drying out. If you have an ingrown, you can also soak your feet with warm water to soften it and gently cut the nail.

Wear The Right Socks For Better Comfort

Wearing socks will never fail you when it comes to giving you shoe comfort. Not only do socks absorb moisture which keeps your feet away from foot odor, but they can also protect your feet from blisters and pain while wearing shoes.

In choosing socks that will provide comfort on your feet, you should consider an antibacterial and high-quality fabric. Consider choosing light-cushioned, non-bulky, and with arc support. It is essential to choose high-quality socks because having low-quality socks can cause foot discomfort. The purpose of socks is to protect your feet against friction, and if your socks are too tight, loose, and may have a rough texture, it will result in foot problems or discomfort.

Rub Sandpaper on the Shoe Outsole For Stability


Sometimes having slippery shoes make us feel awkward and uncomfortable in some events. The anxiety of slipping on a tiled or marbled floor is there. To get rid of those worries, you can follow this simple hack by rubbing the outsole of your shoes with sandpaper.

New shoes usually have less traction, the same as the old ones. To secure the grip of your shoes to the floor, you can use sandpaper to add a little friction to it. Rub the outsole until it becomes rougher. Friction will save you from the embarrassment of slipping and tumbling down on a slippery or shiny floor.

Use Heel Protectors For Heel Comfort


One of the struggles of wearing heels is it makes you unsteady when walking, especially if the width of your heel is minimal. Heel Protectors will make you uncomfortable, especially when you are attending events or walking down the street. To protect your feet from heel pain and give you heel support, you can use heel protectors.

Heel protectors will give you comfort while wearing your heeled- shoes. One of every woman’s struggles is sinking in the grass when using limited-width heels. To keep this away from happening, use heel protectors in your heel cap. It can also be used as add-on support to your heels. Moreover, heel protectors will also give your shoes extra protection from damages. When your shoes are easier to walk in, they will provide you with the desired comfort that you need. 

Use Newspaper To Absorb Moisture

Newspaper in shoe

One of the factors that your feet are experiencing shoe discomfort is because your shoes are wet or moist. You can use newspaper to dry your shoes quickly. The newspaper soon absorbs the moisture in your shoes or boots and keeps it dry.

Newspapers make your shoes dry faster. If newspapers are not available, you may consider using paper towels. This trick is very convenient, especially if you are traveling or hiking. You can put newspaper inside your shoes overnight to remove excess moisture.

Final Thoughts

Wearing comfortable shoes is healthy for your feet. If your shoes are comfortable, you will likely have a nice trip or a hassle-free day at your workplace. There are various ways on how to make your shoes comfortable.

You may wish to visit a cobbler if your shoe needs repairs, but you can refer to the information above to save money. Making your shoe more comfortable is very easy since most of the things you will need can be seen in your house.

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